Why I believe in Android


This past fall I wasn’t so sure about Android.

I’m starting to change my mind.

Last week’s news that Google’s Android Mobile Platform will let developers place paid applications is just the most recent milestone. What we have now is a whole new form of ROI – return on innovation – that shows why Android is the real deal. Here are a few other positive steps that happened along the way.

Google and T-Mobile Delivered on the Promise of Providing an Open Platform
We have been experimenting for a while with Caller ID for mobile, but a good user experience requires integration with the incoming call functionality and call history, something previously off-limits to developers. Android’s open platform makes this integration not only possible but easy.

You Can Walk and Talk
Android lets you run more than one application at a time. This allows users to run Caller ID for incoming calls at all times, even when other applications like games are being played.

More Handset Manufacturers and Carriers
Insiders say Sprint, Samsung, Motorola, AT&T and Verizon will all be pushing Android’s expansion with devices and services. T-Mobile’s G1 is paving the way for a major change across the entire industry.

Show me the Money
Now that Google has provided billing capabilities, more developers will be attracted to this market and platform. Back to where we started, the availability of both premium and ad revenue streams will continue to spark innovation. Android’s availability on additional carriers and devices will bring more customers. The return on innovation is now higher.

Reaching New Markets: +100K Caller ID Downloads
We are giving Android the full court press, launching a new super-improved Caller ID application soon. Since launching in October, we have hit over 100,000 downloads of our Android Called ID application. We also received important feedback from a younger audience (one user called it “Gangsta” ) which we believe is a function of both the appeal of Caller ID and T-Mobile’s success in the youth market. Each platform we launch on brings us a new audience from whom we can learn. We saw this with our Top 5 WhitePages Mobile iPhone application, and then again with Caller ID for Android.

If you want me to contact you when our new version of caller ID is out, just email me at knakao[at]whitepages.com. Please also let us know what you think about Android and Caller ID in the comments section below.

We hope at least one more G1 customer will call it “Gangsta.”

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