“Who’s Playing in Our Yard Again?” Staying in Touch With Everyone in the Neighborhood

Even with summer camp, lessons and the many other activities that kids can get involved with during their annual break from school, there’s still plenty of free time. In many neighborhoods, kids will travel in packs to the park for a game of baseball or to a conveniently located backyard to cool off in the sprinklers.

But what happens when all those kids end up in your yard? You may ask your own children, but they may not know a last name for the kids they are playing with. With Whitepages, you can find numbers and other contact information for the parents in your neighborhood, making sure everyone stays informed and can quickly get in touch should a problem arise. The depth and breadth of our data is unmatched, which means more success getting in touch with a neighbor down the street if their child is playing tag in your yard.

Do kids know their own phone numbers?

The short answer to this question is that most kids do, in fact, know their own phone numbers, at least by the time they’re in first or second grade. Science Daily highlighted U.S. Department of Education research that showed many children can remember multi-digit numbers by age 3. And plenty of educational resources for both preschoolers and young grade school-aged kids focus on learning personal information.

This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, and there are plenty of times when a kid just won’t know. The fact that most kids of a certain age remember their numbers won’t do you much good if one of your child’s friends has a lapse in memory or gets nervous and can’t remember their number, or just plain forgets it for the day.

Solving the problem

Whether you want to make sure one of your young visitors doesn’t have any allergies before serving a snack or you’re trying to gently herd all those kids back to their homes, getting in touch with their parents quickly is essential. If the kids can’t tell you their numbers themselves, you’ll have to do some detective work to make sure they can eat that plate of sliced-up strawberries or safely get home. You may even want to call parents without asking your kid’s friends for their number, whether it’s to let them know about an upcoming surprise party or because that child just skinned his knees playing basketball in the driveway and isn’t taking it very well.

The good news is, our free, easy-to-use database of contact information is a great way to check phone numbers and get in touch with a kid’s parents. Whitepages’ powerful search engine helps you find the right number without having to dig through results or use many different search terms. Because getting in touch with other parents is often a time-sensitive issue, the speed of Whitepages’ search is a big plus. With Whitepages, you can breathe a little easier the next time a motley crew of neighborhood kids shows up at your house.

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