Whitepages Wombats are CHAMPS!

Earlier this month, our very own Whitepages Wombats company softball team won the championship against our colleagues at SimplyMeasured. Below is an account from Team Captain, Erin Schindler, as well as some comments from her winning teammates.


On a hot summer evening, Whitepages Wombats took the field as the Number One seed with fire in our eyes, knowing we had to defeat not just one, but two opponents to taste the sweetness of victory. The Wombats handily defeated the number four seed, Quantum, and moved on to take on the reigning champs, SimplyMeasured, in the Championship game. Wombats’ defense was a force field and the bats came alive on that beautiful Monday night. After three years, the Whitepages Wombats were finally the Champions!

The Whitepages Wombats softball team was born three years ago in our very own Great Room during a Friday lunch and has been a big part of our culture ever since. The team gives our employees a chance to bond outside of the office and get a little exercise in as well. Some players have played sports all their lives and some have never before picked up a glove. A little competition is always good for bringing people out of their work shells.  It’s not only the players that get involved with the team. We’ve had multiple employees stop by our games as fans to cheer us on, and we send out a post-game email to the whole company to keep everyone informed of the Wombat’s season.

Hear from some of the players on why they love Wombats softball:

“Always fun watching someone at the plate unleash the day’s stress and frustration on a ball, as it sails over the outfielder’s head just before the team starts cheering. Great time getting to know your coworkers and building comradery outside of work, on the field – where job titles, age, and corporate hierarchy don’t matter.”
– Rohn, Sr. Product Manager

“There are a lot of great things about the Whitepages Wombats softball team, especially the winning. My favorite part is getting to hang out with people that I normally don’t get a chance to interact with throughout the normal course of my day.”
– Charlie, Accounting Specialist

“Whitepages softball is a fun way to get outside during spring and summer in Seattle, hang out with coworkers, and meet some very adorable pups in the ‘dogout’. You can be quite terrible (check) and afraid of the ball (double check) and still have a great time running in squares or chasing somebody’s tail.”
– Alexandra, Sales Engineer

Check out the write-up on the championship game in this GeekWire article. Thanks to the I.T. Sports League for hosting another great season!

Below are some photos of the team in action, plus four-legged fan, Dakota:

by Katie Krueger

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