WhitePages to Offer In-Market Audience Data on eXelate’s Private Exchange

You're not just a face in the crowd - we know what you're searching for, and are making ads more relevant to you.

I’m excited to share that today we announced our new partnership with eXelate, an audience data exchange service. Using eXelate’s teXi:PM technology platform will be able to give premium advertisers access to our valuable anonymous audience segments (such as people who recently searched for an auto dealership) for their banner ad campaigns across the Internet, while still protecting our individual audience members’ privacy.

WhitePages is in a unique position in the online advertising marketplace – our contextual display ad offering is anchored in our users’ relevant business searches, which is a different proposition from the typical media property (like the New York Times or ESPN who sell advertising around specific content areas). There’s an enormous amount of consumer intent being conveyed on WhitePages when a person searches for Wal-mart versus reading about Wal-mart on the New York Times. Reaching our searchers when they do their search, as well as in later WhitePages sessions, is extremely useful for conquest ad targeting as well as contextual upsell and customer relationship management.

You're not just a face in the crowd - we know what you're searching for, and are making ads more relevant to you.

Because WhitePages is so different from typical online ad supported publishers we’ve known for a long time that we needed to truly understand our audience’s search behaviors and harness their explicit purchase intent for our advertisers by offering anonymous (aggregated) behavioral ad targeting to these users. In turn, we are able to deliver more relevant ads to our users. Offering access to these audience segments off of WhitePages is a natural extension of our investment in behavioral targeting capabilities as long as we can control the transaction, which eXelate allows us to do. As well, our existing advertisers will now be able to increase their reach to their target audience segments off of WhitePages.com – increasing their message frequency or retargeting particular, granular search behaviors.

At first, our primary goal is to provide advertisers access to our search-derived segments that we know have longer shelf lives, such as car shoppers or movers, since we are in test mode and we’re not sure how well shorter term search behaviors will perform for advertisers (e.g., grocery store lookups).

We know that real-time contextual targeting, and behavioral targeting upon return to our site, works for our advertisers in large part because of our audience composition and mindset. We’re just excited to learn more about how these segments respond when they are targeted off of WhitePages’ site. Could it be that a campaign targeted to our ‘new movers’ segment will work just as well when the person who searched for a moving company on WhitePages earlier that day is lounging around reading Slate.com? It’s possible, and we’re excited to see what happens.

Another advantage of the eXelate platform is that advertisers will be able to bundle the WhitePages proprietary audience segments with a multitude of audience segments from eXelate’s other data providers.

Most importantly, WhitePages searches are actual people who have performed business searches so they could go buy something – which we’ve always known was valuable to marketers and is impossible for a typical media property or search engine to replicate. We’re very excited about this new offering.

For more details regarding our partnership with eXelate and for more information on private marketplace data accessibility, please read AdWeek’s article from today.

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