Whitepages Premium Teams up With Miracle Messages

At Whitepages, our mission is to leverage our digital identity data to build products that help people and businesses in many different ways. And while we have spent the past 20 years helping people connect through the data we provide, we still get inspired by every single connection we help make. This is why we are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Miracle Messages, an organization that helps homeless people record short video messages to their dearly missed loved-ones, and then attempts to reunite them using social media. By providing Miracle Messages with free access to Whitepages Premium, we are hoping to help the organization’s volunteers quickly locate and connect with family members of the homeless people they help.

Since Miracle Messages started using Whitepages Premium, we have helped to locate and reunite five different families with their homeless relatives. Just three weeks ago, the Miracle Messages team met a man in San Diego who was looking to reconnect with his sister who he hadn’t spoken with in 20 years. Through Whitepages Premium, Miracle Messages volunteers found his sister in in a matter of minutes. See this happy reunion happen here:

With Whitepages Premium, Miracle Messages volunteers get access to robust identity data associated with the person they are looking for, including detailed contact information, mobile phone numbers, and a list of people associated with who they are searching for. We are thrilled to be pushing our mission forward with this partnership and can’t wait to hear more about the connections we help to make!

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