WhitePages Mobile for iPhone v1.3: It's Smarter


As those of you with iPhones may already know, v1.3 of the WhitePages Mobile app is now live in the App Store!

This new version represents a huge step forward for our most popular mobile app – and if past updates are any indication, there will be quite a few of you already trying it out and using the new features.

I’ll go ahead and get one thing out of the way — we now have in-app advertising.   Thankfully, most people understand that this is a necessary part of most high quality free apps.   What some people may not know is how hard it is to make it all work!  Ad standards are still emerging for apps so it took a lot of hard work from Jen Fraum and Cory Gaddis on our ad team to get an ad platform all teed up and ready to deliver campaigns!    We signed on Continental as our “pilot” (ahem) sponsor and expect more to come soon.

Of course we wouldn’t want to *just* release a new version with ads – we’ve added a number of important improvements to make the app a whole lot “smarter” and easier to use.  How, you ask…?

The app remembers where you left off. Need to shut down the app to make a call, answer a text, or surf the web?  Go for it!   Now, no need to worry about re-entering your search info or starting from scratch.  The WhitePages app restarts exactly where you left it, without a keystroke to waste.    Even during a session, your most recent search is always stored so you can modify your search without having to re-type all of the info.

The app knows where you are. WhitePages Mobile

has been using GPS in different ways for a while, but now we’re auto-populating new searches with your current location to help save typing.   Combined with the auto-suggest we added in v1.2, searching for businesses nearby just got fantastically fast – find your nearest gas station with (literally) 3 taps.

The app can count. If there’s only one “Kyle Myers” in Seattle (and, if you know Kyle, that sure is true) and you’re searching for him, then the app will go directly to the listing page – no extra pages or clicks required.

Save to phone contacts now works great. We’ve had a few nagging issues with how the app labels home, work and business info, as well as some issues working with Exchange and other contact sync methods to make contacts stay up to date over the air.   We’ve hammered those out so now it’s easier than ever to keep your phone (and PC/Mac) contacts up to date with WhitePages.

Other nice bug fixes.   Also included:  we fixed some issues with map linkouts, fixed the page spacing in OS 3.0, and added enhanced listings with household, work and company info to our Reverse Phone searches.

Download v1.3 now from iTunes and let us know what you think – and if you like it, don’t forget to leave a great rating & review on iTunes!!

Comments, question, concers?  Just let me know below.


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11 thoughts on “WhitePages Mobile for iPhone v1.3: It's Smarter

  1. Angel says:

    Great app, but listing nearby businesses is broken and therefore useless!
    It does not sort by distance from my current location, it looks like a random sort.
    For example, I search for “Publix” in 33009. On your website, this displays a correct list sorted by distance. On the iPhone App, my closest store is not even in the list of 50 entries.
    I just tried again as I am writing this, and all distances are “0.00 mi”. I had to restart the App twice, now I am getting the distances again. So, for “Publix”, these are the distances I get:
    2.21, 2.37, 12.09, 10.53, 12.73, 12.16, 13,14,16,etc. As I hit “Next 10″, I see other entries that are only 3.87, 2.91.

    It’s a real shame, I really like this App but it is seriously broken. I am using iphone 3G with 3.0 OS. Please let me know if these problems will be fixed soon.

  2. Loren says:

    The new update ruined the app! Many times when the app launches, and it goes to “picking up where you left off,” an error will come up that says either “Oops! Enter a valid telephone number” or “Oops! Please enter a valid 2-letter state.” The keyboard then appears but the app hangs on the error and there is no place to type anything in. Closing and reopening the app when that happens doesn’t help, as the same error comes back. At that point, the only thing you can do is to delete the app and reinstall it, which I have had to do 5 times so far due to that glitch!

  3. Bret Moore says:

    A quick update — we will be releasing an update ASAP. However, in the meantime if you get the “Oops!” message, press OK and then tap around near top of the screen. The app should start working again. Thanks for your feedback and patience!

  4. ohmagic says:

    This is a great app. I have a suggestion that will make it even grater, and I think is well within the realm of possibility: on the reverse lookup, allow the app to search the recent calls log. Much like with adding the info as a new or existing contact, this will allow the user to easily reverse the lookup of any calls made to or from the same device. I realize with the cut and paste feature, this is a technical possibility right now, but you have to go into the edit mode in order to copy and I haven’t even tried the paste feature in your app yet. Why mess around with writing down a number when you can just browse the resent calls log?

  5. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Angel — thanks for the feedback! It’s true, we don’t currently sort by distance – results are sorted by the combination of a number of factors, distance is only one of them. We plan to revise this and offer more sorting options in a future release. Thanks for the suggestion and we hope to have some improvements for you soon!

  6. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Loren — thanks for letting us know. We’re aware that some people are having this problem and are working hard to fix it ASAP!

  7. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Victor — thanks for the suggestion! We had considered these features, but found that there wasn’t a strong demand for them so opted not to. However, we’ll definitely take this into consideration as we work on the next versions of the app. Thanks!

  8. Bret Moore says:

    Thanks ohmagic — this is our #1 most requested feature, and we couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, Apple disabled the ability to view the call log from an app, and won’t allow us access to it. We’ve asked them repeatedly to change their minds, but to no avail. We won’t give up — but for now, Apple won’t let us do it.

  9. ohmagic says:

    As silly as that seems, it still isn’t a problem. With Apple, you just have to take what they give you. Add the ability to lookup information from the contacts. Apple has obviously allowed everyone who wants it access to that application. Then, as a workaround, all the user has to do, is add the number in the call log to a new/existing contact (I would create one called Whitepages.com, but I’m just sentimental), thus allowing access to the information desired through means already made accessible by apple. An extra step is still worth the result.

  10. Bret Moore says:

    Thanks Oh — good suggestion and a clever workaround. We’ll work on making this an easier process given the limitations that are there. Thanks!

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