Member Story: Using WhitePages to solve iPod mystery

Britt Stromberg

Britt Stromberg

We get a bunch of emails from WhitePages members telling us about their experiences with our services.  Some are heartwarming, some inpirational and some just plain funny.  Britt’s story is pretty cool, so we thought we’d share with our blog readers.

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Hi. I’m Britt Stromberg, a WhitePages member.  I’m the owner of Wordslinger, Inc. and I use WhitePages all the time to look up client contact info, local businesses and people (oh hello college boyfriend…nice to know that you live in Ballard). The coolest thing WhitePages did for me recently was to make it easy to get the phone numbers of my neighbors for a block-watch list. I dreaded the thought of going door-to-door for that thankless task.

But I’ve got an even better story.

My husband is a high-school teacher who had his iPod stolen out of his desk. He wasn’t able to pinpoint the thief at the time. After brooding about the loss and lecturing his students on the morality of such an action, he accepted that his iPod would likely be sullied with Korn or Skullbot or whatever teens are listening to these days.

Fast forward 13 months. He gets a phone call from a guy who found the iPod in a couch he helped a neighbor move. (Said iPod was engraved with his cell number; good reason to engrave your gadgets!) The caller hung up before he got an address, so I suggested that he do a Reverse Lookup search on WhitePages. He did that and then, out of curiosity, used Find Neighbors to look at the other people in the neighborhood. Aha! One of his students lived next door to the caller.

My husband never did confront the suspected student. I suppose just knowing is palliative enough.


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