WhitePages Launches New Corporate Site!


Last week, we launched a new version of our Corporate Website. In addition to linking to this blog, this site highlights job and advertising opportunities, provides visitors with information on the company and calls out what the media is saying about us from time to time. This launch also represents the first time that we’ve introduced our new brand to the public. I won’t go into too many details just yet, but WhitePages is going through a sizable brand repositioning effort…and we’re expecting some pretty big things to happen over the next year!

There are too many great improvements to mention in this post, so I’ve called out a few below.

New brand identity and personality
In addition to our new logo and colors, the site content is more reflective of our brand personality attributes. Notice the use of the swath? Nice.

Employee Testimonials
We’ve got an incredibly smart and talented team. The new employee testimonial section highlights some of our employees and showcases our diverse interests. Did you know that we have a Punk Rocker and a Kung Fu Fighter working at WhitePages?

Improved Recruiting Section
A more robust recruiting section that makes it easier for potential employees to search jobs and contact Talent Partners (including a new chat feature!). Sweet!

Again, the corporate site launch is the first of many new things to come in 2009. So keep checking out this blog for a sneak peak of what’s to come.

And as always, feel free to pass along any comments, questions or critiques.


by John Lusk

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