WhitePages for Android arrives!


Today marks the launch of the new WhitePages for Android application. In recent weeks there has been an Android explosion, and Google Android-powered phones are now available from almost every major US wireless carrier. AdMob recently noted that 20% of the smartphone market is now Android phones – that’s up from 2% just 8 months ago!

So, it’s not surprising that we’ve gotten a lot of requests to take the People Search, Business Search and Reverse Phone number search found in many of our other applications and make them available for Android phones. The new WhitePages app includes all of these features and more for free — and complements the Top 10 grossing Caller ID app that we released for Android earlier this year.

To get the new free app now, just click here to send a link to download it to your Android phone.

Here’s a quick rundown of what WhitePages for Android can do:Droid-Horiz-LARGE

People Search: Instant on-the-go access to the most comprehensive source of phone and address contact information when and where you need it – on your phone.

Business Search: Find nearby businesses fast with your current device location and easy to use search that suggests most popular searches with just a few keystrokes.

Reverse Phone Lookup: Put a name to unknown numbers by looking up phone numbers any time with the Reverse Phone keypad.

Add to Contacts: Add the name, address and number from any WhitePages listing to your Android phone contacts with just one tap — keep your phone and Gmail contacts up to date and in sync.

A free seven day trial of Caller ID: Identify unknown calls automatically — no need to check voicemail or call back to find out who’s trying to reach you. We’ve upgraded Caller ID to work better with new phones and wireless carriers. After the trial, you can choose to upgrade to WhitePages with Caller ID, or simply keep using all of the features in the free WhitePages app.

If you’ve got an Android phone, give it a try and let me know what you think. Just click here to download it now!

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11 thoughts on “WhitePages for Android arrives!

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  6. Meike says:

    Hi, looking at buying an android phone myself but am concerned about the privacy which is being violated in so many ways. Just heard that Google has been downloading personal info from computers which have their applications down loaded incl the US Government’s files. That’s kind of scarry what happened to FOIP?

  7. Todd says:

    Bret, suppose I’m not in a 3G area, but I am on Wi-Fi. Will your WhitePages Caller ID functionality work over Wi-Fi when my android phone is ringing?


  8. John Sturdivant Sr. says:

    Recently my andriod phone crashed and I lost important information including, my WhitePages APP. I truly enjoy the secrurity of nowing who is phoning me and from where. Hopefully, your company will restore my services to the level of excellence before my tragic incident. Its important to remember, I recently purchased your upgrade edtion of Whitepages and hopefully my payment records reflect such payments.

  9. Doug Ross says:

    This was my favorite app of all, I LOVED it on my Droid!
    “Now it doesn’t work anymore at all. What happened?
    It says,”Expired” and “Renewed”

  10. Fenton Smith says:

    A couple of suggested improvements to the Android version of the WhitePages application, especially for those of us who are blind:

    First, while the written documentation seems to indicate that there is a call button on the screen, that control is inaccessible to the blind. One or both of the following solutions would be welcome:

    1( Use a long click of the cursor pad selector to initiate a call to the selected number. This is the solution used by the Yellow Pages app.

    2( add a ‘place call’ selection to the menu for a selected item.

    Another suggestion which would improve the application for all users would be to add a ‘get from call log’ button to the dialog box for reverse number searches. This part of the application is most likely to be used when one has received a call from a known or unknown source and wants to find related information for general information or to create a contact entry for it. In either case, requiring the user to remember and enter the number is undesireable. I have two call blockers that allow their black lists to be populated from the call log in the manner I suggested here.


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