WhitePages Fights Call Spam with New Reverse Phone Lookup App for iPhone

New Reverse Phone Lookup App Easily Identifies Call Spam!

Identify Call Spam!

According to CTIA, 30% of all US households only use cell phones (no landlines). Not only does this mean that consumers can easily be reached by phone any time throughout the day, but that cell phones, once seen as “private” and “personal”, are becoming more and more “public” as people list this number as their primary phone on credit card applications, loan applications, sweepstakes, etc. As such, cell phone numbers are becoming increasingly susceptible to Call Spam, a topic WhitePages knows plenty about having recently identified our 100 millionth Call Spam and 500 millionth “unknown” number.

To help consumers continue to combat Call Spam, today we are announcing the launch of WhitePages’ Reverse Phone Lookup for iPhone, our first stand-alone app dedicated solely to helping consumers identify who is calling them. The new free app can quickly identify 600 million US landline, cell phone and other hard to find numbers, putting a name to most unknown calls and automatically displaying Call Spam alerts for unsolicited callers that are likely telemarketers, debt collectors or scammers.

To lookup an unknown number, users simply view their recent call list and copy and paste or type any unidentified number directly into the app. If the unknown number is in WhitePages’ database, the app will immediately return the name associated with the number and display the corresponding address if available. If a number can’t be identified for free, users can use the Reverse Phone Premium Search capability ($1.99 per successful lookup) to identify practically any unknown cell phone number, ever changing telemarketing numbers, and numbers not listed in WhitePages’ public database.

You can download the app here, or to learn more, check out this video:

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