WhitePages Current Now Helps You Fight One-Ring Phone Scams


You may have seen the news that new scams have hit U.S. mobile consumers hard in recent weeks. The One Ring scam tricks users into returning an unknown call that rings just once – enough to show up in your missed call list – which is then routed to a paid service, racking up charges on your phone bill.

WhitePages has been monitoring this activity closely and today we’ve released a new feature in WhitePages Current to help protect users from this costly and potentially dangerous practice. With the rise of the recent “One Ring” phone scam, we have added over twenty thousand new spam numbers tied to One Ring and similar scams to alert consumers with an immediate notification if a call comes from one of the flagged numbers. This new feature will enable WhitePages Current users to fight spam further as new cases arise.

This feature uses our spam identification technology and accompanying spam scores based on the hundreds of millions of phone numbers searched through WhitePages services. As a WhitePages user, you too can leave comments about spam activity for a particular phone number, which factors into a phone number’s overall spam score.

currentidscamIn 2012, according to Pew Internet Research, 68 percent of cell phone users received unwanted sales and marketing calls with one-quarter saying they encountered this problem at least a few times a week or more frequently. Not only can we help you decrease those unwanted calls, with the new One Ring feature users of Current will be protected by:

  • An alert and “possible fraud or spam” message will be displayed during incoming calls that originate from reported One Ring scam phone numbers
  • Suspicious call designation for numbers in the user’s recent call history
  • A prominent warning if an outbound call is made to a number with a high spam score, alerting the user that they are calling a suspicious number that may result in high charges to their phone bill

These new features are in addition to the rich features that are already included with our popular WhitePages Current app, including the ability to ID calls and texts while streaming social network status updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The app also incorporates a smart address book that updates in real-time with information about all of a user’s contacts, including newly identified calls and texts, and allows users to search contact information from their social connections and WhitePages’ directory of over 200 million people and businesses.

If you haven’t yet, download the WhitePages Current Android app and stop those scammers right in their tracks!

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