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Susan Fincher, Sr. HR Manager has worked in our Human Resources Department for over twelve years. She has seen many changes throughout her time at Whitepages and is a true pioneer in instilling the values of our company. Below is her reaction to seeing Whitepages named a Best Place to Work in the State of Washington for 2017.

I’d like to say that I was pleasantly surprised, but truth be told, I wasn’t surprised at all when we were honored as a Top 100 Best Place to Work in Washington State, by Seattle Business Magazine – for the SEVENTH year in a row!

In the years that I’ve been at Whitepages, employees have always been top of mind. Our leadership team, though it has changed over the years, has always been acutely aware of the impact (both negative and positive) employees can have on the success of an organization. This awareness has led to nurturing a culture that attracts and retains smart, capable and driven individuals that all have something unique to contribute to the team.

At Whitepages we show appreciation to our employees through the usual avenues – free food, beverages, an amazing office space, access to the latest technology, and great benefits – but the collaboration, communication and drive to achieve a common goal is the true HEART of our culture and our success.

Business is very much like team sports: you must have a team that is comprised of a complementary set of skills to succeed. You must also have a game plan and clear communication on what that game plan is. Then you let your team of experts execute, as only they can. Now, our leadership team does an amazing job of communicating our game plan, but that in itself isn’t enough to ensure success. You must also be willing to change that plan and adjust to what is actually happening around you. This is where Whitepages excels, not only from a leadership but also a team perspective.

So, here’s to another 7+ years of well-deserved recognition as a Best Place to Work in Washington.

Cheers Whitepages!









Below are some photos from the 100 Best Companies to Work For dinner gala / bash the evening of June 22nd at the Washington State Convention Center. Our Employees had a blast!


by Katie Krueger

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