WhitePages App Brings Sanity to Back to School Shopping


backtoschool1When the end of summer rolls around, kids might be glum because school is starting, but some parents are equally anxious, because the start of the school year means the stress and hassle of shopping for the clothes and school supplies.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, you may have experienced the “back to school shopping meltdown”. It goes something like this:

You’re in the shoe store with your kids, and you’ve agreed to get the shoes they’ve had their heart set on, but the store doesn’t have size you need.

In years past, we’d brace ourselves for a tantrum – the kid’s, or maybe your own because how…many… stores do you have to go to in order to get the shoes that fit??

I have vivid memories of my own mom having a near nervous breakdown in the middle of a mall at the beginning each school year, trying to find everything on the list for four little girls.

But now, you can shop smarter: With the WhitePages app, you can search for other nearby stores, find their numbers and call them to check on what they have in stock before you make the trip crosstown (or even across the mall).

Can’t find a clerk and the shelf is cleared of the uniform shirts on sale? Use the app to search for nearby sporting goods stores, and call them before you go. And check the price – you might find an even better deal!

Only a half-inch binder will do for third grade science? Forget about cruising aisle after aisle looking for that needle in a haystack—a quick search of office supply stores on WhitePages will give you options.

Some schools require wallet-sized photos for school or medical records. Quick—snap a shot of your dearest one while you’re thinking of it, and upload it to the photo center of nearby drugstore (that you’ve found on the WhitePages app) so you can pick them up on the way home.

My poor mom. If she’d had the WhitePages app, instead of flipping out, she’d be doing back flips.

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