WhitePages Announces New Mobile Website for Touch Screen Phones: Fat Fingers Rejoice!

New m.whitepages.com screen

Today, I am excited to introduce the new WhitePages mobile site! The new site, which is live and available on your phone, has a new easy-to-use design for touch screen phones and many usability improvements that take advantage of today’s smart phone capabilities.  Try it out today by visiting m.whitepages.com on your phone’s browser.

New m.whitepages.com screen

Old m.whitepages.com screen

With all of the attention the growth of our Top 10 iPhone and Android apps have recieved, many of you may not know that WhitePages has a top 50 mobile website according to Comscore.  A large percentage of our mobile web users surprisingly have smart phones.  Surprising, considering that the industry would have us believe that everyone has moved on to apps, as Kevin Nakao mentions in his latest mobile web post on Mashable. We know that at times, it is just as convenient for you to use the mobile web as it is to find and download an app.  That is why our teams have been hard at work to give you options — Mobile Web and Apps.

Below are a few of the improvements.  Not all phones have advanced capabilities to support all features, but here are the highlights for many smart phones including iPhone and Android.

Auto complete to make life a little easier

  • Locate Me:  Press ‘Locate Me’ to quickly populate your current city and state, and to get directions from your local area.
  • Auto complete entry fields: Time saving feature that suggests common searches as you type.
  • User friendly app-like interface: Clean interface with more finger room for touch screen users.
  • Drop down menus: Let’s you navigate quickly between areas of the site.
We’re excited about the new look and feel of the m.whitepages site, and hope you are too! For a more extensive and visual review of the m.whitepages website, head to our YouTube channel and watch our WhitePages mobile website demo. And as we continue to refine and adapt our products to better suit your needs, we’re interested in your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “WhitePages Announces New Mobile Website for Touch Screen Phones: Fat Fingers Rejoice!

  1. kelly holcomb says:

    What I don’t like is, when it computes and says have found details and it tells wheather or not you will be able to find the info. you are seeking……..It leads you to believe, that with the 3 free lookups that your info can be found….
    Then comes back and says that an additional charge of $1.99 is needed to complete the search……
    It should tell you in the first bunch of info, that you are going to keep paying the $1.99 with each search…..because all of a sudden,…….none of the info. seems to be available under the “free” searches you get with the initial sign-up. And then they get to log your info. for free, and then charge whoever is searching for you…..$1.99. Seems like a bunch of B.S. to me!!

  2. Lori says:

    Hi Kelly. Thanks for your comment. The service you described above sounds like a different service than the WhitePages premium reverse search on our mobile site. Were you using the service on the web or a mobile site? The WhitePages premium reverse phone search is called LOOKUP and gives you an option to do a premium search and find a match for cell phones and other hard to find numbers that are not available in our free database. For each match found, a $1.99 is charged to your cell phone bill, and the results are sent in a text message. There is also an option to get unlimited searches for $2.99 per month. Everything that was free before we introduced the premium reverse phone service is still available for free, including over 200 million home and business listings. Also, to alleviate your concern, WhitePages does not store and use the cell phone number you provide when using our premium reverse phone search in any WhitePages search results. That information is considered Personal Information and is treated in accordance with our privacy policy. If you have additional questions, please visit our support forums.

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