What Does a Data Scientist do?

At our core, we are a data company, and it is this data that powers our many products and services. As our resident Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Steve Hanks leads the team that makes this magic happen. Learn how he does it in this article by big data expert Bernard Marr on Forbes.com.

Big Data Uncovered: What Does A Data Scientist Really Do?
Bernard Marr, Contributor, Forbes.com

The world of Big Data and data science can often seem complex or even arcane from the outside looking in. In business, a lot of people by now probably understand the basics of what Big Data analysis involves – collecting the ever growing amount of data we are generating, and using it to come up with meaningful insights. But what does this actually involve on a day to day level for the professionals who get their hands dirty with the nuts and bolts?

To have a look under the hood of a job that some describe as the ‘Sexiest Job Of The 21st Century’ I spoke to leading data scientist Dr Steve Hanks to get an get an overview of what the work of a data scientist actually involves, and what sort of person is likely to be successful in the field.

Dr Hanks gained a PhD in computer science at Yale University, has spent 15 years as a professor of computer science and has worked at companies including Amazon, Yahoo YHOO -6.59%! and Microsoft MSFT -3.85%. Today he is chief data scientist at Whitepages.com where he is responsible for overseeing the Contact Graph – a database containing contact information for over 200 million people. The database is searched around two billion times every month and is the company’s primary business asset.

This database has driven Whitepage’s business since it was launched in 1997 and more recently it has diversified into app development. Caller ID, its replacement mobile user interface, queries the main Whitepages database to give more complete information on who is calling, and to help cut nuisance and spam calls. It also generates another revenue stream by providing its data to other companies to use in fraud prevention.

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