We’re Throwing a National Party to Launch WhitePages Neighbors


Despite the fact that most Americans say it’s important to look out for each other’s safety, you might not be surprised to hear that most of us are actually not all that tight with our neighbors. That said, even I was surprised to learn the results of a recent survey that we ran together with Harris Interactive. It turns out that we know our neighbors’ cars (47% of us can identify them) better than our actual neighbors (only 41% know most of their first names). And more of us (27%) know our neighbors’ pets than our neighbors’ kids (24%).

So to help solve this issue, we are now launching WhitePages Neighbors, which allows you to explore your neighborhood and connect with the people who live in it. Whether you need help during an emergency, organizing a neighborhood watch committee, or just simply need to remind yourself of your neighbor’s name, all of your neighbors’ contact information is now at your fingertips for free.

We’re excited about this service, so we figured that we ought to throw a party to launch it. A giant party. Today, we’re proud to announce that we have partnered with the National Night Out (NNO) to help neighbors coordinate block parties all over the U.S. for the 28th Annual National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2. We look forward providing a helping hand to National Night Out in organizing the 15,000 events that they estimate 37 million Americans will participate in this year. Using our new Neighbors service, you can easily organize a block party just by clicking on your neighbors’ homes in a web browser based map, and then we’ll take care of the rest, including sending out the postcard invitations via First Class mail for free.

Watch the demo video:

by Alex Algard

14 thoughts on “We’re Throwing a National Party to Launch WhitePages Neighbors

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  2. Mike Brown says:

    This is fine for a block party, but I’m the NNO coordinator for our neighborhood of 100+ homes. The map that is displayed shows only my address and the homes around my immediate block. How can I get the word out, using this feature, to the 100+ homes I need to contact?

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  4. Debbie R says:

    You have an ingenious new service here. I can see who my neighbors are plus I can keep my family safe. Thank you

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