Saving Time with Webmail Login


One of the things I hate about trying new online services is creating yet another account to keep track of.  I guarantee that I’m missing out on some cool products because of that hurdle.  If only I could use one of the accounts that I already login to on a daily basis!  Well I am proud to announce that WhitePages has enabled third party login to our site via Yahoo, Google, and Windows LiveID/Hotmail accounts.

Now when you want to access member features, just choose your preferred webmail provider, allow that provider to share information with WhitePages, and then submit your member listing.  It’s that easy!  No password to remember, no email to verify, and we even pre-fill the form with as much as we can so that you don’t have to type!

3rd Party Login Screenshot

One last thing to note: we’re looking to add Facebook, Twitter, and possibly LinkedIn so that we can offer integration with all of the major social networks and webmail providers.

Please share any comments you might have – I’d love to hear them!

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