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We’ve had a countdown going on in the WhitePages Engineering & Operations group for a few weeks. First day of summer? A big release? Naaah. It’s the launch of the iPhone, and our resident obsessive Jack Valko is on the case.

Jack’s our Director of IT Operations, and he arrived at the AT&T store a few blocks from our office at 5:15 a.m. this morning. The Seattle Times writes about him here, saying that he “is claiming to be first in line…”

Leave it to the WhitePages blog to fact check it for you – pictures don’t lie: this is Jack at the head of the line. Behind him is a sign he made announcing the “Unofficial iPhone Waiting Line” and name-checking his blog at Waiting For iPhone, where he has more pictures and stories about the day.

Jack first promised to bring iPhones back for all of us, but as that might not happen, we’ll be satisfied with a company wide mail announcing full iPhone support from our IT Department on Monday. What do you say, Jack?

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