Top 5 Cellphone Do’s and Don’ts


Yes, we realize that about 20 years ago there was no need for a “Cellphone Courtesy Month,” but since 91% of American adults now use cell phones, and phone booths have fallen by the wayside, it’s never a bad time to have good manners when you use your phone. Here are our Top 5 “Do’s and Don’t’s.”



Do schedule time to unplug – you’ll feel more refreshed, and your friends and family will appreciate having your undivided attention.

Do use features like texting and Caller ID to decide how you’re going to make your time more productive; while you may be waiting for a call back from the doctor or a customer, can you call back Aunt Fran after dinner, when you’ll have time to hear about what she baked today?

Do be considerate of your companions. After all, they made plans to see you, and they’d rather have time to talk and enjoy your company than watch you text. Texting is like talking behind someone’s back; it’s rude when the person you’re with isn’t included in the conversation.

Do remember that people can hear you talk. Everywhere. Consider this: If someone else was chattering away on the phone, would you want to hear the other person’s conversation? In minute detail?

Do let voice mail take messages while you’re in a meeting, unless you’ve told the people you’re meeting with that you’re expecting a call. You can even customize your outgoing message to tell callers when you’ll be available.


cellphone2Don’t shout. If you can’t hear what the person on the other end is saying, wait until you get to a quieter place to talk. Even if people aren’t asking you to speak more softly, they’re thinking it, especially in close quarters.

Don’t text when driving, biking or walking (or you could end up like that teen falling down a manhole, just like in a cartoon).

With the phone-obsessed walking into traffic at an alarming rate, New York City has painted crosswalks with a message for pedestrians: “LOOK”.

Don’t try and have a long complex conversation over text. Sometimes it’s better to pick up the phone than have a lengthy text exchange.

Don’t talk or text in a movie theater, theater, church, or synagogue. People around you have either paid good money, just like you, to catch a flick or take in a show; or they’re praying that you’ll leave.

Don’t text early, don’t text late. Unless it’s (close) family, wait until after 8 or 9AM (what is considered “business hours” in your neck of the woods), and not later than 9PM (or possibly 10PM) depending on whether your recipient has kids, is a night owl, etc.

So now it’s your turn to weigh in: What would you add to this list?

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Cellphone Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Betty Wright says:

    This is a very good list of Dos and Donts. I didn’t grow up with a cell phone but quickly became addicted once I got one my senior year of high school. I never really thought what could be considered courtesy and what not. Must share :)!

  2. June Cleaver says:

    What happened to your website??? I was using it all the time to find old friends. Now all the information is just links to “other 3rd party information brokers”???

    Won’t be back again… you suck!

  3. Toures says:

    Very well put! I thoroughly enjoyed this reading and never considered a few things shared here before. Thanks Rebecca!!! You ROCK!!!

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