These Famous Brands are in Your Pantry, and Are Your Neighbors, too

chocolate bar

Some people think of Mrs. Butterworth as merely a syrup for your Sunday morning pancakes, and Hershey and Nestle are synonymous with chocolate, but there are many Americans that share the names of these iconic brands.

chocolate bar
Hellman’s advertising slogan is “Bring Out the Best”–and after looking at the WhitePages’ “Names” database, we’re willing to bet the 5,464 Americans who share this last name would agree.
Most of these product brands have been around for generations and are ingrained in the fabric of American last names.
In addition to the number of people with popular brand names for last names, we also researched the states in which they live. Not surprisingly, the majority of Hersheys live in Pennsylvania and the most Wrigleys live in Illinois.
Here’s a list of the Top 20 iconic American brands and how they compare with last names in the U.S.
Did we miss one of your favorites?
1.    Campbell (soups): 488,672 in US; 34,069 in FL

2.    Newman (various foods): 132,496 in US; 10,616 in CA

3.    McCormick (spices): 131,292 in US; 8,903 in CA

4.    Prince (pasta): 58,401 in US; 4,877 in TX

5.    Kraft (various foods): 27,852 in US; 2,075 in CA

6.    Mott (applesauce): 21,752 in US; 1,947 in NY

7.    Kellogg (cereal): 19,702 in US; 2,058 in CA

8.    Heinz (ketchup and more): 10,475 in US; 1,264 in IL

9.    Hershey (chocolate): 7,956 in US; 2,510 in PA

10.  Musselman (applesauce): 7,881 in US; 1,793 in PA

11.  Wesson (oil): 6,376 in US; 815 in TX

12.  Butterworth (syrup): 5,924 in US; 490 in CA

13.  Hellman (salad dressing): 5,464 in US; 523 in CA

14.  Dole (fruit): 3,746 in US; 406 in CA

15.  Folger (coffee): 2,757 in US; 255 in CA

16.  Wrigley (candy): 2,714 in US; 309 in IL

17.  Fleischmann (spreads, yeast): 2,714 in US; 275 in CA

18.  Nestle (chocolate): 724 in US; 188 in MI

19.  Hormel (meat): 400 in US; 57 in CA

20.  Clean (cleaning): 45 in US; 6 in NY

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