The Paper Holiday Card is Back & We Have the Traffic to Prove it!

There is still time to send a New Year Card this year!

If our site traffic is any indication, the traditional paper holiday card trend appears to be back with a vengeance! This whole week, both our web and mobile traffic broke records in terms of usage. On Monday, the busiest shipping day of the whole year, we saw nearly 2.5 million unique website visitors and nearly 1 million unique mobile visitors, most of whom were searching for addresses of family and friends.

There is still time to send a New Year Card this year!

And for you procrastinators, don’t forget about sending a New Year Card in lieu of the Holiday Card. After all, the US Postal Service expects to handle about 16.5 billion cards, letters and packagesbetween Thanksgiving and the end of the year. There’s certainly still time to get your send on!




by Alex Algard

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