The Best Resources for Caller ID and Phone Number Look Up


We see a lot of confusion on the web about the best resources for caller ID, and we’re not surprised. There are dozens of mobile apps, perhaps hundreds of websites, and keeping them straight is always a challenge.

Since phone numbers & addresses are pretty much our thing, we thought we’d round up the best ways to figure out who called or texted.

Looking up a Landline or Business Number
On, and on WhitePages mobile apps, you can do a free reverse phone lookup of residential & business listings. The WhitePages directory includes over 200 million residential phone numbers and over 30 million business numbers, so odds are we have what you’re looking for.

WhitePages mobile apps are available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and WebOS. You can also do a reverse phone lookup from your mobile web browser.

Mobile and unlisted numbers do not fall into our free online service. However, we do have a premium text look up service called Lookup that allows you to look up any number from your mobile phone (more on that later).

Looking up a possible spam or scam caller
Mr. Number is a great online resource for identifying spam callers because of their robust user generated database. Simply go to to find out what people are saying about that number.

Looking up a mobile number
Mobile numbers are pesty little buggers because they are not part of any free online database – until now. The folks at TechCrunch recently discovered that Facebook can be used to look up mobile numbers. It’s not a service that Facebook promotes, but they do allow you to find possible friends by the cell phone number they’ve attached to their account – even if that number is not visible to friends or to the public. To try it out, just enter a number in the search field on your Facebook homepage.

If the cell phone number you’re looking up is not on Facebook, Lookup by WhitePages is the next best option. You can either look up a single number for $1.99 by texting the number to 566-587 (lookup) or by signing up for unlimited look ups for $2.99 a month at

Caller ID on your Android
If you have an Android, you’re in luck. There are plenty of options for caller ID, and many caller ID apps come with much more than just caller ID. At this point iPhones do not allow for caller ID functionality, but hopefully in the future they will.

Current Caller ID by WhitePages
If you get a call or text from an unknown number Current Caller ID will use the WhitePages directory to instantly let you know who it is. This app will even look up mobile numbers for free. If the person calling is already in your address book, the app will populate the incoming call screen with their latest Facebook update, Tweet, and local new & weather from where they’re calling.

Mr. Number
This app is a great resource for identifying incoming spam calls and calls from businesses. With this app you can also block unwanted calls and texts from those pesky telemarketers, debt collectors and campaign fundraisers.

TrueCaller’s strength comes from their robust database of international numbers. So if you’re a globe trotter or international business man or woman, you should check out this app.

Are there any resources we’ve missed? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

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