Top 6 reasons to attend National Night Out


In a few hours thousands of National Night Out block parties across the country will officially commence, and you may be thinking – should I stop by?  The answer is simple – yes.

The idea behind neighborhood block parties is to not only get to know your neighbors for the fun of it, but to take a stand against neighborhood crime, as well.  For those of you who are on the fence about attending your local block party, these 5 reasons should help you get on out there:

Storage Wars is a repeat


And Shark Week will still be there when you get back.

Good company

Have you ever said to yourself- “I have way too many friends?” Neither have we, and if 90’s sitcoms have taught us anything, it’s that neighbors make great friends.




Thanks to very generous sponsors many of you will be able to chow down on things delicious backyard BBQ and some ice cold lemonade.

Disaster preparedness

Odds are you neighborhood will be just fine, but you can never be too careful. Many NNO events are great places to get to know your local fire departement, learn about emergency preparedness and come up with a game plan with your neighbors in the case of flood, tornado, fire or flood.


Crime prevention


Many NNO events are also great places to get to know your local law enforcement. They’ll teach you all about responsible ways to prevent crime in your neighborhood, and can help you organize crime prevention activities. Even if law enforcement isn’t able to attend your event, neighborhood camaraderie can go a long way in keeping your neighborhood safe.

It’s a lot of fun


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