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Your digital identity comprises more than just your email and social media accounts. It’s hard to tell someone who you really are online. But the businesses that you shop with online and the apps you pay for in order to use on your phone need more than a simple email address to verify that you’re the actual person they’re doing business with. That’s why extra details like a verified phone number count as part of your digital identity. At Whitepages, we believe that you should have control over your digital identity. That’s why we’ve integrated your Whitepages user account to work with our mobile app, Whitepages Caller ID.

How’s it work?

By signing into your Whitepages account, you can access the Caller ID tab on the right. From there, simply select which of your verified phone numbers that you want to personalize and choose from whether you want to use your Facebook, LinkedIn or default photo to pair with it. That name and photo will now show up when you call any of the 50M+ users on Whitepages Caller ID. Pretty cool, right?

Get your calls answered

If you run a business and contact customers from your mobile phone, then imagine how much more effective your calls would be if they showed your name and LinkedIn profile picture. The odds of you having your calls ignored as an unknown number would drop significantly. Or say you got a new cellphone number. When you call your old contacts, you want them to know it’s you without having to leave a voice mail. What better way to identify yourself than with an actual picture that you get to choose? If the people you’re calling are one of the millions using Caller ID on their Android, then they will know it’s you, every time.

Make it more about you

Like we said earlier, your digital identity is important, and keeping it accurate is a must. When you update your Caller ID, you own a phone number that bolsters the accuracy of your digital identity, which makes you more credible online and on the phone.

Want to learn more about Caller ID? Watch our video or download it free on the Google Play Store.

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