Sticky Situation? Whitepages Caller ID to the Rescue!



Last week, we described a situation where Whitepages Caller ID saved the day thanks to its power to identify unknown callers. Now we’d like to show you one of the many ways that call blocking comes in handy…

Ok, maybe he looked cute at the party over the weekend. Or she seemed really well versed on your favorite band. You had a nice chat, and even danced a couple of times. Digits were exchanged.

But in the light of day, you’ve got second thoughts. Maybe you just don’t want to keep in touch. Take a deep breath—you’re not bad person for feeling that way. So keep it easy, and use Whitepages Caller ID to finesse this sticky situation.

While we’d never advocate for a breakup over text or phone, in today’s tech times, sometimes it’s just better to trust your instincts and just drift quietly away by not responding to the other person’s texts or calls.

It’s the gentle way to give someone you’ve just met the hint that you’re not interested after all. And if you need to use a bit stronger medicine, simply set your Caller ID app to block that number’s calls and texts. He or she will see that you’re not responding, and you don’t have to get annoyed or interrupted over unwanted contact.

It’s just another way that Whitepages Caller ID keeps you in control of your communication. Mission accomplished!

Whitepagers in Bend: Lessons From Our Company Trip


One of the main things that jumped out at me when I first began working at Whitepages was their annual company trip. People were constantly telling me about how much fun they had together in Vegas and Whistler before that. I had never heard of a company putting that amount of time and effort into their culture, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to get 160 of my coworkers together into one place. I found out last week at our 2015 Kickoff in Bend, Oregon.

We came from New York, California, Budapest, and of course, Seattle. There was fun to be had, good food to be eaten and a lot to learn during our three days together. In addition to gathering for our all-hands meeting, we were treated to a wide range of activities including brewery tours, motivational speakers, and the option to choose skiing, snowmobiling, dogsledding, a lava cave tour or a visit to the spa as our all-day outing. Each activity had something to teach us in its own way. Here are some activity highlights and a list of what we learned:

Process makes the pinnacle possible.” – Author, Mt. Everest Summiteer and cancer survivor Alan Hobson recounted two of the most important moments in his life for us. In telling us about his journey to Everest and his victory over cancer, he explained how having a well-thought-out process makes achieving your highest goals possible. It’s a concept that all of us are bringing into both our professional and personal lives for 2015.

Simple life lessons inspired by sled dogs – Amber Vacha, one of our sales account executives learned a good deal from her time on a dogsled. Here’s what the pack she got to know had to teach her:

    • Be heard and be excited
    • Jump in the air when you feel like it
    • Love your work
    • Be ready to take the lead
    • Listen to direction
    • Rest when tired, then get up and give 150%

Dog Sled Image 1

Snowmobiling: it’s harder than it looks and way more fun than you imagined – While Amber was dogsledding and a good number of my coworkers were carving the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, I was snowmobiling. Here’s what the need for speed taught me:

    • Test your limits
    • The faster you go, the more focused you must be
    • Prepare for bumps in the trail, but take them standing up
    • Don’t let the mountain’s beauty go unnoticed
    • Watch out for trees

Snowmobiling Image 2

Culture is what counts – I already knew that Whitepages values their people, but our trip together made that crystal clear. Every presentation, activity and event was planned to perfection. We had an amazing time together and left with the motivation to get out and tackle 2015 as a team.

Lava Cave Image 3

Skiing Image 4 (1)

Manage Your Identity: 3 Steps to Claim Your Listing


The New Year is right around the corner. So in honor of new beginnings, I’m going to get you set up with your very own Whitepages account. There are tons of reasons why it’s smart of have an account. Being searchable on Whitepages helps friends look up your address to send you invitations or get directions to your home—that list could go on for quite some time, but for now, let’s get to the 3 steps for claiming your listing.

1. Find Yourself

Simply go to and search for your profile using our people, phone or address search.   Select the listing that reflects your personal information by clicking “View Full Profile” and click the “Claim/Edit” button from the menu just below your name and age.

2. Log In

You can create your free Whitepages account by clicking “Join” in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and you have the choice of selecting “Log in with Facebook” to use your Facebook login credentials.

If choosing “Sign Up”, enter your first and last name followed by a valid email address and create the password of your choice.

3. Tell Us It’s You

Upon clicking “Create Account” you will receive an email from Whitepages with the subject of “Verify your email”.  Just access the email inbox and click the “Verify My Email” link provided.

All that is left is to verify your phone number.  If the listing you are claiming has phone numbers attached you can verify any of these.  If no numbers are associated or you do not have access to the visible number on the claimed listing you can add your most convenient phone number and verify this by either a SMS/Text or a phone call.

Choosing the SMS/Text option will send a 4-digit code to your mobile device, which you will then enter into the provided field.

If you choose the Phone Call option, simply answer the incoming call and listen for the 4-digit code.  Enter this into the field provided inside your account and once this is completed the claimed listing should appear inside your account instantly!  If no listing appears or you have another personal listing you wish to add, simply locate the specific listing and click the “Claim/Edit” button.

The idea behind the verification for your email address and phone number is to try and curb malicious use and tampering of information on Whitepages. Having you enter your preferred email address and create a personal password will help ensure that you are the only person with access to how this information appears.  Your verified phone number will appear inside your account and can easily be hidden from public search by selecting “hide” from the Phone Numbers section of your account or selecting “Hide all information…” from within the Privacy section.

You now have complete control over how this information appears on, and all our affiliated sites!

Across the Savannah: Popular Names Shared with Travel Destinations

Victoria Beckham

Yes, Virginia, Florence, and Victoria: Most Popular Names Shared With Places

In honor of summer travel, we took a look at the most popular names in the country that are shared with travel destinations. While there are plenty of places named after people, like Lincoln, Nebraska, and Washington, D.C., we found that Virginia tops the list with 577,805 people sharing the name – most of them living in West Virginia.

Florence (Italy, and cities in AL, OR, and SC) and Victoria (TX, Canada) tied for second place with 404,327 people sharing the name, most common in Hawaii and New Mexico, respectively. Brittany (as in France, 350,775 people) and Charlotte (as in NC, VT, 254,489 people), round out the Top 5.

There are lots of people named after exciting travel destinations like Paris, Asia, and India, which makes you wonder if their parents are world travelers, or better yet, if these people were conceived in these destinations. However, we loved seeing national pride reflected in the amount of people named America here in the United States (2,852 people).

Our list breaks down the states where the people with these most common names are living. Interestingly enough, California (121 people) and Bronx (21 people), are most common in their respective states.

Don’t worry about packing a bag or filling up the gas tank – take a tour of the most popular names shared with travel destinations below:

  1. Virginia577,805; W. Virginia has the most
  2. Florence (Italy, Alabama, Oregon & South Carolina): 404,327; Hawaii has the most
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

3. Victoria (TX, Canada)404,327; New Mexico has the most

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

4. Brittany (France): 350,775; Kentucky has the most

5. Charlotte (North Carolina, Vermont)254,489 girls; W. Virginia has the most

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

6. Chelsea (London, New York City)133,470; Utah has the most

7. Georgia113,695; Mississippi has the most

8. Carolina (North & South)57,164; California has the most

9. Madison (WI, NJ): 28,882; Utah has the most

10. Sydney: 43,133; Utah has the most

Like mother, like daughter: Savannah Guthrie just named her daughter Vale, also a place.

Like mother, like daughter: Savannah Guthrie just named her daughter Vale, also a place.


11. Savannah (Georgia)28,082; Kentucky has the most

12. Madeleine (Islands, Quebec, Canada): 17,551; New Hampshire has the most

13. Asia: 15,088; Washington, DC has the most

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

14. Paris14,931; Washington, DC has the most

WhitePages Launches Community Forum Through GetSatisfaction


Do you ever wonder what happens when you send a suggestion, question or compliment to a company? We did, too. Which is why we partnered with GetSatisfaction to produce our new community forum.

Our goal in working with GetSatisfaction is to create a place for customers to ask questions, report a problem or give product feedback — this real-time feedback will help us improve our products faster than ever. And that’s the great thing about a community forum: It’s win-win. WhitePages’ customers can ask questions and provide feedback in an open and transparent environment, and they know we’ll hear it. As a participant, you can also see what questions others are asking and read discussions on a wide variety of issues. For us, this increased transparency will result in a freer flow of information.

Do you see a problem (aka “bug”)? Do you have suggestions for products and features that you’d find helpful? Maybe some wild praise about how much you love us (sorry, had to)?  Until now, there was not a clear communication channel for our customers to connect with us. Since our motto is “Connect with Confidence”, that just didn’t make sense.

Through this new tool, you can tell us where we might have missed the mark, what features we can build to make your life easier or how WhitePages helped you connect with an old friend. Another great benefit of the forum is that other community members will chime in creating a rich, multi-perspective discussion on any given topic, and, most importantly, a place for you to connect with us with confidence.

We are really excited to hear what you have to say and how we can better serve you, so grab a cup of coffee, head to WhitePages and join the discussion!