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Yes, Virginia, Florence, and Victoria: Most Popular Names Shared With Places

In honor of summer travel, we took a look at the most popular names in the country that are shared with travel destinations. While there are plenty of places named after people, like Lincoln, Nebraska, and Washington, D.C., we found that Virginia tops the list with 577,805 people sharing the name – most of them living in West Virginia.

Florence (Italy, and cities in AL, OR, and SC) and Victoria (TX, Canada) tied for second place with 404,327 people sharing the name, most common in Hawaii and New Mexico, respectively. Brittany (as in France, 350,775 people) and Charlotte (as in NC, VT, 254,489 people), round out the Top 5.

There are lots of people named after exciting travel destinations like Paris, Asia, and India, which makes you wonder if their parents are world travelers, or better yet, if these people were conceived in these destinations. However, we loved seeing national pride reflected in the amount of people named America here in the United States (2,852 people).

Our list breaks down the states where the people with these most common names are living. Interestingly enough, California (121 people) and Bronx (21 people), are most common in their respective states.

Don’t worry about packing a bag or filling up the gas tank – take a tour of the most popular names shared with travel destinations below:

  1. Virginia577,805; W. Virginia has the most
  2. Florence (Italy, Alabama, Oregon & South Carolina): 404,327; Hawaii has the most
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

3. Victoria (TX, Canada)404,327; New Mexico has the most

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

4. Brittany (France): 350,775; Kentucky has the most

5. Charlotte (North Carolina, Vermont)254,489 girls; W. Virginia has the most

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

6. Chelsea (London, New York City)133,470; Utah has the most

7. Georgia113,695; Mississippi has the most

8. Carolina (North & South)57,164; California has the most

9. Madison (WI, NJ): 28,882; Utah has the most

10. Sydney: 43,133; Utah has the most

Like mother, like daughter: Savannah Guthrie just named her daughter Vale, also a place.

Like mother, like daughter: Savannah Guthrie just named her daughter Vale, also a place.


11. Savannah (Georgia)28,082; Kentucky has the most

12. Madeleine (Islands, Quebec, Canada): 17,551; New Hampshire has the most

13. Asia: 15,088; Washington, DC has the most

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

14. Paris14,931; Washington, DC has the most

Do you ever wonder what happens when you send a suggestion, question or compliment to a company? We did, too. Which is why we partnered with GetSatisfaction to produce our new community forum.

Our goal in working with GetSatisfaction is to create a place for customers to ask questions, report a problem or give product feedback — this real-time feedback will help us improve our products faster than ever. And that’s the great thing about a community forum: It’s win-win. WhitePages’ customers can ask questions and provide feedback in an open and transparent environment, and they know we’ll hear it. As a participant, you can also see what questions others are asking and read discussions on a wide variety of issues. For us, this increased transparency will result in a freer flow of information.

Do you see a problem (aka “bug”)? Do you have suggestions for products and features that you’d find helpful? Maybe some wild praise about how much you love us (sorry, had to)?  Until now, there was not a clear communication channel for our customers to connect with us. Since our motto is “Connect with Confidence”, that just didn’t make sense.

Through this new tool, you can tell us where we might have missed the mark, what features we can build to make your life easier or how WhitePages helped you connect with an old friend. Another great benefit of the forum is that other community members will chime in creating a rich, multi-perspective discussion on any given topic, and, most importantly, a place for you to connect with us with confidence.

We are really excited to hear what you have to say and how we can better serve you, so grab a cup of coffee, head to WhitePages and join the discussion!

It was an exhausting day to be sure, but after a day of attacking invasive ivy, blackberry, and clematis vines that were strangling the trees in Interlaken Park in Seattle, the WhitePages team had a lot to be proud of.  We cleared over 45 trees and six thousand square feet of overgrown hillside and placed mulch there to prevent regrowth until the Friends of Interlaken Park can return later this year to replant native, tree-friendly plants.  We joined over 9,000 volunteers county-wide on September 11th who participated in the United Way of King County Day of Caring, 2009 that helped 270 nonprofit organizations.

Paul rocked out to tunes as he fought the hillside tirelessly, and Devin, Greg and Kevin pretty much looked like they had been run over by a truck at the end of the day.  Somehow mysteriously, Andrea’s shirt managed to stay just-washed white.  And it was good to see that when our community calls, Zoe is willing to go without her heels for a day.  The next week, my arms still looked like I got into an alley fight with a cat (I did not heed the warnings to wear a long sleeve shirt, which clearly was in order given the blackberries).

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OK. Back in January I wrote about why people really don’t need paper phone books and how continuing to print these phone books is a massive drain on the environment.  Well, it looks as if AT&T is under the same impression and is working tirelessly to rid themselves of the phone book printing burden.

Earlier in the year, AT&T convinced Ohio state regulators to allow them not to print and distribute phone books. (note: for those of you who don’t know, the telephone companies have a legal obligation to print and distribute paper phone books.  Seriously!).  Just this past week, AT&T was successful in convincing the Florida Public Service Commission to do the same thing, all in the name of saving the environment and making our country a greener place.

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As a mom, I have to say: I’m disappointed. But as a product owner for the most popular people search site on the Internet, I’m at least glad that we’re helping people to connect with confidence.

Beyond our expected growth rate, we saw a relatively significant bump in both unique visitors (+7%) and people searches (+10%) in the week leading up to Mother’s Day. Apparently, people don’t know their mother’s addresses and phone numbers. Nice.

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