#TeamWP: Intern Edition – Meet Mimy!

Mimy Mersha is a Summer Intern with the Customer Care Team. Mimy’s responsibilities include organizing our customer interview and survey data, analyzing the user experience, and providing product feedback based on those findings. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in Seattle, WA. She is currently a Finance Major at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.

Read about Mimy’s journey to discovering her career path and her internship with Whitepages.


At Boston College, I provide free consulting services to start-ups through Consult Your Community, as well as work to empower women through the club Women in Business. Though almost everything I currently am involved in relates to Business, the path to Business School was a complete accident. As a tired and nervous senior in high school, I did not read all fifteen of my college applications as closely as I should have, and this is how I accidentally became a Pre-law Finance Major. At the time, I did not know what I wanted to do, so I took this as a sign and decided not to change my major or my post-graduate path.

Right after high school, I joined Microsoft as a Finance Intern on the Americas Team. (At this point I did not even really know what Finance was, but I knew I wanted to learn.) I stepped onto their campus optimistic, but also anxious. My tasks included compiling client bank information, and creating Excel and PowerPoint slides. When I had some moments of free time I scheduled meetings with employees in different departments, strengthening my networking skills and learning more about the company. I grew tremendously at Microsoft, but I didn’t feel like I was really helping the organization overall. It made me feel as if Business might have been the wrong career path for me. I was so excited that I had gotten an internship, that I did not consider what I wanted out of the experience, and if that specific finance internship would meet those needs.

After a year of business school, I felt I was prepared to try another internship. This time I wanted a great internship opportunity that would get me excited about my future. I chose Whitepages partly because it is a smaller company and they would need every member of their team to do a significant amount of work, including their interns. It is very important to me that I am of use to the company that I intern with. I also chose Whitepages because I love the energy of the company! I enjoy that there is a great emphasis on collaboration. Everyone seemed to be passionate about the work that they were doing and wanted to partner with others to make the best product for the customer. This was the type of company that I dreamed of interning for!

While working at Whitepages this summer, I have found that all my previously held beliefs about the company are true. There were moments during my internship where I felt like I had failed, but in these moments I was supported by many co-workers who were eager to help. It has been a pleasure to see employees who are incredibly invested in the success of the company, not just because it is their job, but because they genuinely feel attached to Whitepages, and as a result, they are willing to go above and beyond to ensure the company does well. My extraordinary co-workers have taught me a lot about work ethic and consistency, as well as a lesson in not taking myself too seriously.

Whitepages has been a great place to grow! I hope to see this company continue to succeed!


Mimy (far right) with some of our awesome 2017 Summer Interns!


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#TeamWP: Meet Katie, NY Office Manager and Social Media Wrangler

Not only does Katie keep our small but mighty New York office running, she is also the face behind our blog and social media postings (Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)! Although she’s not writing this one…

Katie enjoys highlighting the behind-the-scenes collaborations, trainings, and quirky events of our company to the out-in-the-wild business travels, community events, and sports endeavors of our teams. At Whitepages, pretty much every day is an adventure in or out of the office.

FUN FACT: When Katie’s not taking care of her team at the office, she is running around New York City for acting and voiceover gigs. Speaking of which, do remember the cute and memorable voice of the 2016 holiday it-toy, HATCHIMALS? You guessed it – that was her voice!

Read on to learn more about our office and social media superhero, Katie:

What’s your hometown?
I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. That’s home!

What was your very first job?
I was a “lunch lady” — I helped prepare lunches for kids at a baseball camp during the summers.

What’s been the most influential piece of technology in your life so far?
FaceTime. I have friends and family all over the place, so it’s nice to be able to “see” people!

What’s the last TV show you binge-watched?
Big Little Lies

What would your role be if there was a zombie apocalypse?
Organizing the weapon distribution. I’d keep a list of who got what, most likely.

What’s your favorite downtown lunch spot?
There’s a tasty Cambodian sandwich shop near our NY office called Num Pang. But you can get just about anything in the neighborhood!

What does being a Whitepager mean to you?
I like being a part of a community that is utilizing its efforts to help individuals and businesses in a meaningful way. I really like our value “Serve”. Helping others in even the smallest of ways has always brought me joy. From keeping the office running smoothly to reaching out for our recruiting efforts, I hope that my daily tasks are serving someone in some form.

What’s Katie’s favorite meme? She can’t get enough of this little guy!

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#TeamWP: Intern Edition – Meet Sierra!

Sierra Brandenburg, our part-time Pro Marketing Intern brought her marketing and program management experience from Underdog Sports Leagues and the Russell Wilson Passing Academy to Whitepages. Fun fact about Sierra is that she started intramural Spikeball at her university.

Here is what Sierra had to share about her two-month internship at Whitepages. 

This fall I will be a junior at the University of Washington studying economics. My previous job experience has always involved sportscoaching soccer (8 years), working at a golf course, and most recently working at the Russell Wilson Passing Academy/Why Not You Foundation. My comfort zone was sports, so Whitepages was definitely something new for me.

I joined the Whitepages Pro Marketing Team as an intern in April. My time was spent doing marketing research on website design, improving SEO and evaluating trends. I also helped retrieve addresses from prospective customers for a direct mail project to ensure that the cards reached the appropriate people. I organized various spreadsheets including a list consisting of the top online retail stores. My latest project was working on updating product information on the website through WordPress. This was my favorite project because I got to work on the backend of the website and see the code and how to make changes.

Throughout this internship, I learned that working with a team is always better than tackling something individually. Knowing you can lean on others for questions and help always opens the door for new knowledge. I learned that my experience in sports—teamwork, adaptability, and diligence—has relevance in a professional career. I could not have asked for a better first corporate experience, and I will always value my time here at Whitepages and the amazing people I met.

The Pro Marketing Team and their Interns tackle the Escape Room!


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#TeamWP: Meet Tom, Sr. Account Executive


There’s a lot to learn when you’re brought on to a growing sales team – the products, the customers, and your new colleagues. With the Whitepages Pro Team, you won’t get through an orientation without “Tom” being mentioned (not just because we have three of them)! To our team in Seattle, Tom is “the New Yorker” (a title he holds proudly) and the guy who’s been with the Pro team since before it was really even a team. For four years, Tom has been providing Whitepages Pro customers with Data for Good to help them increase revenues and reduce risk.

What keeps him going? Besides working with an awesome team (and the hummus and veggies in the office, #healthyeating2017), Tom has an unwavering commitment to character and integrity, as well as a constant appreciation of his customers’ desire and confidence to work with him. On Day One he discovered that Whitepages is set up with a great number of tools and resources to do the job successfully. His advice to our ever-growing team: OWN the activities that will make you successful! (Who wouldn’t embrace that culture?) Here is more about Tom:

What’s your hometown?
Wantagh, NY — the gateway to Jones Beach.

What was your very first job?
Busboy at a Greek diner. Note: there is a Greek diner in every town on Long Island. I was never afraid to get my hands dirty!

What’s been the most influential piece of technology in your life so far?
My first iPhone. Sorry, Android users…the iPhone is feature-rich and user-friendly. I taught my 78-year-old mother how to use one in 30 minutes.

What’s the last TV show you binge-watched?
House of Cards, waiting for Season 5!

What do you do when you have 30 minutes of free time?
I harass one of my two kids, of course, just making sure they are behaving.

What’s the last vacation you went on?
Dominican Republic

What’s your favorite downtown lunch spot?
The Almond, an American restaurant next door, or basically anywhere inside of Eataly, now quickly becoming a NY landmark.

What’s your favorite meme?
“Sell me this Pen” with Leonardo DiCaprio (from Wolf of Wall Street).

What does being a Whitepager mean to you?
It means I am in a very select group of people who are not only extremely talented and bright, but everyone here seems to embrace the frantic pace and the sense of urgency to get stuff done (GSD) I have always felt the need to do that, but at Whitepages the desire and feeling is much stronger to kick ass and improve each day.

What’s your favorite Whitepages memory (so far)?
Our Portland trip in 2016. You could see the whole Pro team starting to come together. Alex Algard (our Founder and former CEO) said, “Tom, did you ever think there would be this many Pro team members?” I knew right there we had something pretty cool and I was a part of it. That was meaningful to me!

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Our small but mighty (and ever stylish) NY team – Deep, Katie, and Tom.

#TeamWP: Meet Colin, Software Engineer


From summer intern to engineering superstar, Colin, a Software Engineer with our Premium team, is not only relentlessly committed to making our front-end product experience usable and beautiful across platforms, but he is also reliably available for a genuine smile and words of appreciation and encouragement. Knowing that, it should be no surprise that Colin looks forward to mentoring our summer interns, making their experiences both challenging and a ton of fun!

Colin’s last three years at Whitepages have given him the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, finding his way from back-end web development to a passion for front-end web development, and having an integral role in launching our Premium product as part of a small and tight-knit team.

To break up his days in front of a computer, Colin and a couple of his fellow Whitepagers take advantage of their employee discount at the gym in our downtown Seattle office building. After a good sweat (and a shower!), you can likely find him snacking on a Chocolate Pure Protein bar and back to work in a corner of our office’s Sunset Lounge, known for the “comfiest couches and best lighting.”

What’s your hometown?
Growing up in a military family meant I lived in 10 different houses growing up. I came to Seattle to attend UW and soon found it feeling like home.

What was your very first job?
I worked as a lifeguard at the YMCA for three summers from the ages of 16 – 18.

What’s been the most influential piece of technology in your life so far?
Definitely the personal home computer. My family’s first computer was a Gateway 2000 4DX-33 running Windows 3.1 and I loved playing games on it. I remember waking up super early and memorizing what I had to type into the Command Prompt to get to my games.

What’s the last TV show you binge-watched?
The Crown on Netflix. I didn’t think a historical drama about British royalty would be that interesting, but it’s really well-made.

What do you do when you have 30 minutes of free time?
At work, I like to read up on the latest in front-end web development. At home, I enjoy working with my good friend (and colleague at Whitepages!) Tommy on editing our latest videos for YouTube.

What’s the last vacation you went on?
Over Christmas, I went to see Multnomah Falls with my family, which was an impressive sight! I’m also planning to go to Scandinavia for two weeks in April with my brother.

What’s your favorite downtown lunch spot?
There’s so many! If I want Thai food, I’ll go to the Thai-U-Up food truck. If I want Mediterranean food, I like the Athena’s food truck. Veggie Grill has some awesome vegetarian food, and Potbelly makes excellent sandwiches.

What does being a Whitepager mean to you?
Working together to get stuff done. I was sold on Whitepages when I experienced how we are trusted to do, ask questions, and directly collaborate with our colleagues to fix problems as they come up. Also, my manager really epitomizes our “own it” value. Seeing him help out with everything engineering at Whitepages is pretty inspiring.

Colin & team

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