Stair Climbing Employee Wellness Challenge – Finished!

I wanted to give you the results of our first Wellness Challenge of 2009 that I wrote about in this wellness post .  The challenge is now complete andmt-fuji1 it was a great experience.  In total the WhitePages team climbed 29,780 flights of stairs, which is an average of 465 flights per participant. WOW! The “Stairketeers” were our winning team with a whopping 5,927 flights with an average of 988 flights per team member!  That means, on average, each Stairketeers team member climbed the equivalent of Mt. Fuji.  The top individual climbed over 40,000 feet – I’ve never even flown that high in an airplane.

Absolutely amazing!  But, what can I say, when a WhitePager puts their mind to something, “They’re on a Mission” and nothing is going to stop them.

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WhitePages Launches New Corporate Site!

Last week, we launched a new version of our Corporate Website. In addition to linking to this blog, this site highlights job and advertising opportunities, provides visitors with information on the company and calls out what the media is saying about us from time to time. This launch also represents the first time that we’ve introduced our new brand to the public. I won’t go into too many details just yet, but WhitePages is going through a sizable brand repositioning effort…and we’re expecting some pretty big things to happen over the next year!

There are too many great improvements to mention in this post, so I’ve called out a few below.

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