#TeamWP: Meet Recent Grad Ali – Software Developer


After a successful 2016 summer internship, Ali is back with us as a full-time Software Developer with our Coresite Team! Ali is a recent grad from the University of Washington, with a degree in Informatics. Aside from doing full-stack work helping push out cool new features and bug fixes to the site, Ali has been instrumental in our recruiting events, Hackday 2017, and our Carepages affinity group. Read on to learn about Ali’s favorite things, how her new role “still feels like an internship,” and what working at Whitepages means to her.

Where do you consider your hometown to be?
Knoxville, TN

What’s the last TV show you binge-watched?
Orange is the New Black

What’s the last vacation you went on?
A month-long trip around Europe

What would your role be if there was a zombie apocalypse?
Buzzfeed told me I’d be a doctor

What’s your favorite lunch spot?
Anything poke related

What’s been the most influential piece of technology in your life so far?
My Garmin runner’s watch

What’s your favorite meme?
Anything with Grumpy Cat

Why did you choose to work for Whitepages?
Despite being comprised of small teams, Whitepages creates a big impact on its consumers. I like that Whitepages is a company that really values our consumers and that we are all able to contribute to and improve the user experience

How has the transition been from student to joining the workforce?
It still kind of feels like it’s a summer internship without a definitive end date

What are some of your day-to-day tasks you do that people may not know about?
Collaborating across teams to make sure that the changes we are making are in the best interest of all

When you’re not working at your desk, where are you in the office?
Somewhere that I can look out the window while I am thinking

What’s your go-to snack in the kitchen?
Carrots and hummus

What does being a Whitepager mean to you?
Being a Whitepager means being a part of a close-knit, hard-working team that values everyone’s input and collectively makes the business better every day

Choose one of the Whitepages values and describe how you see it at work on your team?
(Serve, Own It, Lead, Invent, Do)
Own it: Though Coresite may be the “free” part of Whitepages there are a lot of parts that we have to keep track of to keep the revenue streams at their max

Look for our Recruiting Team later this month at the University of Washington Career Fair (Oct 24)!

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