Magic in a Muggle Word: How Many Witch and Wizard Names Are There?

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In honor of the recent publication of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script, we thought we’d take a look at how many people living in our Muggle world today share names with J.K. Rowling’s characters. Even though Cursed Child wasn’t written by Rowling herself (it was the project of playwright Jack Thorne), the book is an exciting return to a world most of us—myself included—have really missed! Whether you’ve gotten the book yet or not, here’s a list of the magical people living among us.

Harry Potter

As you might expect, this name is actually pretty common. 122 Harry Potters reside among us, primarily in Florida, with a few Harry Potter, Jrs. and Harold Potters thrown in for good measure.

Ron Weasley

A little more common, there are over 600 Ron Weasleys in the United States all around the country. If anyone in the Midwest sees a car flying through the sky, you can expect the one exact match for Arthur Weasley to be very angry.

Hermione Granger

Five women live in the United States with this name, and you just know that they’re outperforming all the other residents in absolutely everything in Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Reports indicate that the house-elves in these areas are some of the happiest.

Rubeus Hagrid

No one in the nation has this name, which makes sense, as Hagrid is a singular creature whose good spirit is unmatched by anyone.

Albus Dumbledore

No luck here, either. Trying to think of a name for your baby?

Tom Riddle

Okay, prepare yourselves: there are 56 exact matches for Tom Riddle and tons of possible matches—hundreds of them, all around the country. Thomas Riddles, too. “Tom Marvolo Riddle,” however, yielded no results—which means any of Tom Riddles could be the Tom Riddle. Start practicing your Slug-Vomiting Charms and your Bat-Bogey Hexes! This brings me to…

Lord Voldemort

Yes, there is indeed one Lord Voldemort. He lives in Quebec. I wonder if he’s retired from evil to sample cheese and offer wine tastings?

Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley

Happily, these folks are strictly fiction.

Ginny Weasley

There are no Ginny Weasleys in the U.S., but don’t despair: there are 10 Ginny Potters.

Draco Malfoy

Okay, so no Draco Malfoy, but there are a handful of people with the surname Malfoy, including one with the first name Narcissa. Distant relatives? Or not-so-distant relatives, perhaps…

Harry Potter is a vast, magical realm, full of possibility. So is your world! You can look anyone up with Whitepages Premium and get access to their records, licenses, and contact info, so you’ll know if they’ve moved to Hogwarts or not. Always be kind to your witch and wizard neighbors, but don’t forget: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

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How Many Americans Have [Almost] the Same First & Last Name?

True story—I had this really great history teacher in high school whose name was Michael Michaels. It took us kids a long time to figure that out because we naturally were trained to call him Mr. Michaels. Then came the day that we learned his name had one too many “Michael’s” in it. Okay of course he had a middle name to break things up, but that didn’t change the fact that his first and last names were practically identical.

Because I work at Whitepages, I get to pursue little curiosities such as this one with the help of our Names database. When I looked up Michael Michaels on a whim, I found out that there are 132 people in the U.S. with this name. This got me wondering: Just how many other people in the U.S. have double the fun in the name?

Take a look at the U.S. men and women sporting their last name in their first:

William Williams: For some reason William takes the cake. There are 7,580 people with this name and 653 reside in Florida.

Kelly Kelly: I did my research on possible female names as well, but the numbers are much smaller and never reach the thousands. 318 Americans share this name—most of them are in Florida.

Robert Robertson: A whopping 2,048 people have this name and a little over 200 of them are in the Lone Star State.

Rose Rose: There are 141 women with this ultra-flowery name and the most are in Florida. There’s something in the water in the Sunshine State. They top our list with the most residents sharing double-up names.

– Peter Peterson: There are 518 Americans sporting this first and last name combo, but I’d be willing to bet that most would introduce themselves as Pete Peterson.

Taylor Taylor: Here’s an example of a name that works for men and women. 135 Americans have it and the most are in Texas. The curious part is that Taylor doesn’t have as many obvious nicknames, which leads me to believe that people really are stuck with going by Taylor Taylor.

– Richard Richards: Out of the 473 Richard Richards in America, 46 are in California. Let’s hope they opted for Rick Richards over Rich Richards.

– Philip Phillips: 164 people share this name, and yet again, Florida is the state with the most of them!

– Major Major: This stat goes out to all of the literary fans out there. Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 featured one character whose father made his first, middle and last name, “Major.” Well, according to our records there’s one Major Major in New Jersey, one in Alabama, and one in South Carolina.

Movie Names Spotlight: Mining for Minions


First came Despicable Me, then came Despicable Me 2. Though the two movies were centered around Gru, a supervillan, you couldn’t help but love his minions. The minions, small pill-shaped, yellow beings whose sole purpose in life is to serve history’s most villainous masters, were so loved that they got their own prequel – The Minions. From Sandra Bullock to Jon Hamm, the animated movie is packed full of stars with memorable and recognizable voices. How memorable are these stars? Find out how many people share names with them – you might even be surprised to find out how many people are named Minion.


Sandra Bullock – From The Blind Side to Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock has a voice that is so distinctive, it stands out amongst the multiples of minions in the movie. In Fact, her voice is so memorable that she is likely to stand out amongst all of the other Sandra Bullock’s in the United States. How many Sandra Bullock’s are there? 222.

Jon Hamm –  Did you know that before Jon Hamm played the serious role of Don Draper, an advertising executive on Mad Men, his primary focus was comedy movies? It’s not surprising that Jon would go back to his comedy roots for this action-packed, animated film. Jon, who plays the character Herb Overkill, shares his name with just a few people in the US, only 36. As for Herb Overkill, the writers were wise in choosing his unique name, as there are 0 Herb Overkill’s in the US.

Michael Keaton – You can’t miss Michael Keaton’s recognizable voice in The Minions. Michael Keaton’s character, a well-intentioned husband who is also the father of bank robbers, couldn’t have a more common name. Perhaps many other well-intentioned husbands in the US share names with Keaton’s character, Walter Nelson. There are 725 Walter Nelson’s within the US,  whereas there are only 164 Michael Keaton’s.

Allison Janney – Allison Janney, who’s known for lending her voice to multiple family-friendly films and shows plays right alongside Michael Keaton in The Minions. As a matter of fact, she plays his equally well-intentioned wife and mother to the family of bank robbers. As many movies as Allison Janney has been in, her name remains fairly uncommon, sharing it with only 9 in the US. Her Minions character on the other hand, Madge Nelson, shares hers with 20.

Minion – As defined by Merriam-Webster, minion means, “someone who is not powerful or important and who obeys the orders of a powerful leader or boss.” As always, in The Minions, the title characters seek the most villainous of villains to follow. If you’ve ever wondered how many people have the last name of “Minion,” you just might be surprised. 689 people in the US have the last name of “Minion.” The real question is, how many people named their children “Minion?” 40 to be exact.



A Nation of Names

The 4th of July – a holiday, a celebration and a time to reflect. Though Independence Day celebrates the birth of American independence, it also celebrates the people that made our country what it is today. What names come to mind? Perhaps the name George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Many people have felt so connected with some of these leaders, that they’ve named their children after them. Read below to see just how many people share names with a few of our most memorable founding fathers.


George Washington
Admired for his horsemanship, dancing and ability to quote Shakespeare – George Washington was known for much more than his time as the “father of our country.”  Though Mr. Washington fathered no children of his own, he did father an incredibly popular name. How popular? Well, 1,513 people live in the USA with his name, 133 of which live in Texas.


Fun Fact: George Washington had none of his original teeth by the time he was 57. He wore ivory dentures from that point forward.

Alexander Hamilton
As the chief staff aide to George Washington, and first secretary of treasury, Alexander Hamilton is bound to be a memorable name. So memorable in fact, that 269 others in the US have kept the name alive. Majority of which reside in New York. Coincidence that Mr. Hamilton is buried, and lived most of his life in that same state? Maybe.


Fun Fact: No one knows the real year he was born. Alexander Hamilton claimed 1757 but his birth records claim 1755.

Benjamin Franklin
What title did Ben Franklin not have? Benjamin Franklin was not just known for his research in electricity and invention of the lightning rod. He was an author, inventor, politician, scientist, diplomat and more. With a brain like his, you can see why people would want to name their children after him. He shares his name with 401 people throughout the country – 38 of which live in California.


Fun Fact: Benjamin Franklin comes from a large family – 17 kids to be exact!

Thomas Jefferson
What is Jefferson most well known for? Writing the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. Part of his love of writing could possibly come from his love of books – he had 6,500 that he sold to the Library of Congress. If you’re a fellow booklover, that’s a perfect reason to name your kid after Thomas Jefferson. In fact, 522 people in the US are named Thomas Jefferson, 52 of which live in Texas.


Fun Fact: He loved paleontology, so much that he had a large debate about a mammoth that became a political cause.

John Adams
If you were the second president of the United States, you’d likely have a memorable name, too. So memorable that there are now 9,893 people that live in the US with that name. 789 in Florida and 718 in Texas. Phew!


Fun Fact: He was the first president to live in the White House. In fact, he moved in so early that there was still plaster and wet paint fumes.


James Madison

James Madison is known had many monumental achievements throughout his life. From co-writing the Declaration of Independence to becoming the fourth president of the US, he is memorable throughout US history. So memorable, that 753 people in the US share his name, most of which live in California.


Fun Fact: James Madison was the shortest president – 5’4’’ tall. That’s a big difference from George Washington’s 6 foot tall stature!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Find out how many people share your name.

The Names Behind the Bars – Orange Is the New Black


Ten years ago, the term “Netflix” likely meant nothing to nearly anyone who researched the name. Now, Netflix is one of the most widely-known video streaming sites with nearly 60 million subscribers. Part of this growth could be attributed to their wildly popular show, Orange is the New Black – a show based on Piper Kerman’s memoir about her year in prison. Have you ever thought about the characters in that show and wondered how realistic their names are? We looked behind the bars, and found some very interesting details as to how popular some of these names really are.

Taylor Schilling, the actor behind main character, Piper,  shares her name with 14 people in the United States, 12 more people than the actor’s Character, Piper Chapman. Piper Chapman only shares her name with 2.

Larry Bloom, the love interest of convicted character, Piper Chapman, shares his name with a whopping 113 people in the US. The actor’s real name, Jason Biggs, is shared with 148 people in the US. With that many “Larry Bloom’s” and “Jason Biggs” in the US, he must be used to hearing both his name and character’s name when he’s out and about.

Alex Vause, who plays another (past and somewhat present) love interest of Piper shares her name with absolutely no one in the US. Whoever came up with that character’s name deserves a round of applause. That being said, Alex’s real name, Laura Prepon, is only shared with 2 other people in the United States.

Suzanne Warren (also known as Crazy Eyes), is a fan-favorite. She is also a favorite name for many, as she shares her name with 198 people in the US. Uzoamaka Aduba, the character’s real name, is shared with fewer people, only 3 in the US. Don’t worry, we looked up Suzanne’s nickname, Crazy Eyes, and no one shares the name.

Nicky Nichols, the well-known red headed character, shares her name with 24 others in the US. What many do not know is that her real name, Natasha Lyonne is an original. She is the only one in the US.

Tiffany Doggett, the character everyone loves to hate (who remembers that famous fight scene with Piper at the end of season 1?) shares her name with only 6 people in the US with her name. A lucky 13 share her real name, Taryn Manning.

Tasha Jefferson, also known as “Taystee,” has a slightly less popular name than the actor’s real name, Danielle Brooks. Tasha Jefferson shares her name with only 49 people in the US whereas the actor, Danielle, shares her name with 453. WOW! We checked in on Tasha’s nickname, Taystee, and she shared her name with no one.

Finally, Sophia Burset, a character that is unforgettable (you can’t help but be emotionally invested in the story about her transformation from man to woman) has a completely original name. The writers did a fantastic job putting together her name on the show, as no one in the US has that name, On the other hand, the actor’s real name, Laverne Cox, is fairly popular. She shares her name with 69 people in the US.

Are you interested in seeing how many people you share your name with? Find out!