Never Forget a Name or Face With Caller ID


When you meet someone for the first time, it’s not always easy to remember a name or to tie a face and name together. Even those of us who are usually reliable when it comes to remembering those crucial details get tripped up when meeting more than one person at a time. Keeping names and faces straight in your mind probably isn’t a problem you’ve really thought about, but it’s an issue that can impact your social and professional lives. Forgetting the name of your neighbor’s boss means it will be more difficult to follow up on that job offer, and knowing that you’re going to have to remember the name of your son’s best friend’s dad will eventually come into play. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to make the process more automatic and less of a struggle?

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Hard

The name-and-face game doesn’t have to be a dance around the issue whenever you run into a new acquaintance whose name you don’t quite remember or whose face you’re having trouble placing. Instead of only relying on your memory—powerful, sure, but not always reliable—you can use the smartphone that’s sitting in your pocket. With the free Whitepages Caller ID, you can tie together names, numbers and faces. This way your phone becomes a much more modern version of the classic desktop Rolodex, but one that contains pictures, addresses and phone numbers. Caller ID is a tool that can get you out of many a social jam. When you see someone you recognize, but whose name you can’t quite remember, try checking your phone. If they’re also a Caller ID user and you’ve saved them as a contact, then you’ll have their name and photo at the ready.

By seamlessly integrating Caller ID with your social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, your phone does most of the work related to remembering names and faces for you. Caller ID users that you’ve stored as a contact will automatically show the person’s most up-to-date profile picture and name. There’s no more worrying about an unrecognized number calling your phone, or trying to remember which number belongs to a new acquaintance and which one is a telemarketer that won’t give up because you can see exactly who is calling you.

A Useful Tool, Right in Your Pocket

No matter where you go, there’s always the potential to meet new people who are currently or will soon become involved in your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet them, add them to your contacts, and not have to worry about remembering a name, face or number the next time one of you wants to get in touch? By downloading Whitepages Caller ID, you can.


Spring Clean Your Mobile Device With Whitepages


After a brutal, somewhat eternal winter for much of the U.S., the first day of spring was welcomed with open arms. Though the first day of spring may not mark the first day of warm weather, it does mark the launch of the much anticipated spring cleaning. Some of your spring chores, like tidying up your phone’s contacts, may sound daunting, but Whitepages is here to help. Simply follow through the spring cleaning task list below and say goodbye to those winter blues and hello to a spring-cleaned, more efficient mobile device.


Spring Cleaning Task 1: Clean Up Your Mobile Phone Contacts

If you’re anything like us, you’ve experienced an unknown number calling your mobile phone and ignored it – only to find that it’s your good friend calling from her new number (that she has reminded you multiple times to add to your phone book!)  Now’s your chance to set those records straight by using the Whitepages “people lookup” tool – simply follow the steps below to spring clean your contacts list.

Step 1: Head to, type in your friend’s name and city, as seen in the image below, and hit “search.”


Step 2: After you hit “search” you will be directed to a page that will list all of the individuals under your friend’s name that are living in the location you entered. You’re in luck – your friend updated her Whitepages listing, allowing her family and friends to see her most recent mobile number. If your friend has not updated her listing, you may see just a landline associated with her name. Have you tried searching yourself? Update your Whitepages listing to prevent your friends and family from being unable to find your mobile information in the future.

Step 3: Now, to get even more organized – we’ll also tell you how to clean up your call history and identify unknown numbers you may want to remember for the future. This is where our Reverse Phone feature comes into play. Click the “Phone” tab on the top of the home page, and type in the unknown number, as shown below.


After clicking “search” a name will pop up that is associated with that number. Add that name to your mobile contact list, and you’re one step closer to an organized, efficient phone.

Spring Cleaning Task 2: Update your (Physical) Address Book

From mailing out holiday cards to sending out wedding invites, it’s important to have your address book up to date. Though you may see addresses when using the “People Search” tool, you might not have an answer for the addresses you jotted down in the past (and can’t remember who they belong to). Follow the two simple steps below and your addresses will be cleaned up and ready for use in no time.

Step 1: Click the “Address” tab on the top of the homepage, and type in the address you are searching, as seen in the image below.


At this point, you will see the identities of the people associated with that address, and nearby neighbors.

Bonus Spring Cleaning Tip: Psssst, Android users! We have a way for you to (super) efficiently clean up your contacts list with Whitepages Caller ID. The best part? Caller ID will know who’s calling without you needing to update your mobile phone book first. Once a call comes through, you will automatically see the name of the person calling. From there, you can easily add the contact to your phone to save his or her name and address information from the Whitepages directory – spring cleaning doesn’t get much easier than that. Caller ID even alerts you if there is a suspected spammer calling you. So there’s no need to have “Spam” or “Fraud” contacts in your address book – Caller ID will detect them for you!

From updating friend’s phone numbers in your contact list to identifying addresses and who they belong to – Whitepages is here to help streamline your spring cleaning woes.


The Elephant(s) in the Room at MWC


One of the great things about working in business development, especially for a company that’s launching new apps and services internationally, is that you get to attend exciting trade shows in exotic locations. Such was the case a few weeks ago as our CEO, Alex Algard, Bill Brooks and I traveled to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. MWC has become the largest wireless industry trade show in the world, but now it encompasses so much more. The only show that comes anywhere close to being its rival is CES in Las Vegas. To me, the main difference is that MWC has a distinctly international feel.

A Few Main Themes

In addition to the incredible Spanish cuisine and the 40+ miles of footwork that I clocked over the course of the week, I was overwhelmed by the interesting themes that emerged from the show. These included cool updates to wearables like watches and glasses, and connected cars (I recommend checking out Chip Chick for a great list of awesome products that debuted at MWC). Along with the more tangible products, there were also new mobile OS’s like FirefoxOS and Tizen (Samsung), which are starting to gain share around the globe, especially in lower-end handsets in developing countries.

Not One, But Two Lurking Elephants

Of course, there were some elephants in the room. Elephant number one was Apple. They never attend these shows and in fact have developed an elaborate PR strategy to capitalize on NOT attending. But make no mistake, they were there—they were everywhere. People were constantly talking about them in some shape or form throughout the entire show.

But beyond Apple, there was another large elephant at the show that is not nearly as sexy as Apple or all of the new gadgets that were announced. No this elephant is definitely the nerd at the party, undoubtedly the smartest person in the room and largely in the background lurking all over the place. The elephant I’m referring to is Big Data.

Now this is a broad term that has many different connotations, but I’m speaking of Big Data in terms of the glue that holds hardware and software together. It makes all of these fun new gadgets functioning and useful. Everyone at MWC was ultimately referring to or sharing ideas based on how to use Big Data. Remember, mobile products are not intelligent without the cloud, and this is where Big Data comes in.

In the case of Whitepages, this trend squarely positions us as a key player in enabling exciting new technologies, whether that’s software, wearables or gadgets. The reason why has to do with our Identity Graph, which is a powerful indexing engine that helps people control their digital identity, and then connect, collaborate and ultimately be more productive with other individuals. And when you break it down, that’s essentially what all of these new gadgets from MWC are designed to do. As this upward trend of Big Data increases, so will the demand from companies like us who know how to manage, index, curate and share valuable identity data on people and businesses.

Moving forward, we are very excited to bring our incredible data assets to bear towards delivering clear value to mobile operators, software providers and other technology partners around the globe. MWC was a good first step in that direction, and it will ultimately be up to us to define our grand impact on the broader tech ecosystem. But that’s the most exciting thing of all, and as we were reminded last week, it’s a small world out there.

More Unknown Numbers? Block Them With Caller ID


You may not realize it, but the way we think about mobile phones is changing. Today, your mobile phone does much more than make phone calls. It’s your calendar, alarm clock, phone book and portal to the Web where other cherished items like email and social media live. It’s no surprise then that people are buying more of them. But with more phones in the wild, comes more unknown numbers. Let’s take a look at the spike in mobile phones and learn more about how Whitepages Caller ID helps you manage them by blocking unwanted calls.

Mobile phones are on the rise

Use rates for smartphones and tablets are growing fast. The number of worldwide mobile users is estimated to go from 4.3 billion in 2014 to 5.2 billion by 2019. That’s a 21% increase. To take it one step further, the average person in North America will own approximately 3 mobile devices by 2019. What these numbers tell us is simple: the amount of mobile phone numbers is rising rapidly.

What that means for you

Your mobile phone doesn’t identify names for incoming calls unless the number is already stored in your phone book. And as mobile devices get into the hands of more users, the chance for being caught off guard with a phone call from an unrecognized number is going to rise. No one wants to return a call to a telemarketer by accident or otherwise waste time with unknown numbers that are better off avoided. At the same time, the growing number of mobile devices—more than one per person on average—means it’s increasingly likely that when you receive a call, you won’t recognize the number, even if it’s a family member, close friend or a manager at work. Sorting through these two very different types of calls is time consuming and frustrating without using the right tools.


Identify & block unwanted numbers

The old saying, where there’s a will there’s a way applies here. We developed Whitepages Caller ID to solve these issues. With Caller ID, you know who’s calling even if they aren’t in your phone book. It’s a free app for your Android that helps you make better decisions on which calls to answer. And as an increasing amount of mobile devices continue to flood the phone lines, you might find that you want to block certain numbers—spammers, scammers and exes, to name a few. Caller ID allows you to block phone numbers of your choosing so they stop interrupting your day. Send unwanted calls straight to voice mail and prevent them from ringing through.

Whitepages Caller has other cool features like location sharing and spam ID. Download it free on the Google Play Store.

Stop Phone Spam: Get Caller ID

Spam Image 1

Phone spam is a nuisance and it’s a problem that’s only growing. If you’re tired of receiving spam on your mobile phone, then check out how Whitepages Caller ID can help.

By taking advantage of the Whitepages database of 600M+ phone numbers, including 250M mobile phones, Caller ID helps you make informed decisions about whether or not to answer an incoming call. So how does our app know if a call is suspected of spam? Let’s take a look:


Our Users Make a Difference

Did you know that you can report spam within the Caller ID app or from One of the ways we identify spam phone numbers is from comments and submissions by our users. Tell us whether they’re a telemarketer, scammer or debt collector. We’ll take that information and use it to warn others. Try it some time and become part of our growing community of spam detectives.

The Phone Reputation Team

One of the ways that we detect spam phone numbers is through our state-of-the-art phone reputation service. At Whitepages, we have an entire team dedicated to detecting and monitoring spam numbers. Thanks to their work and the comments left by our users, we’re able to tell you when an incoming call is suspected of spam.

Spam by the Numbers

To date, Whitepages has identified more than 10 million phone numbers making unwanted calls. We did some sorting and were able to breakdown the offenders by percentage. Of the 10M spam numbers:

  • 47% were telemarketers
  • 29% were flagged as scams
  • 17% were debt collectors

What You Can Do

Start by downloading the free app from the Google Play Store. From there, Caller ID will send you alerts when a call is suspected of spam. If you do encounter a spam number, then go ahead and report it to Whitepages and block the number from calling you again. Caller ID allows you to block specific phone numbers that you want to stop interrupting you. Together with spam alerts and call blocking, Caller ID puts control back in the phone owner’s hands.

Caller ID has other great features. Watch our video to learn more!