WhitePages Mobile: Top 10 iPhone Reference App

It’s pretty amazing to see that after hitting Top 4 in the overall free chart, over a year later the WhitePages iPhone application continues to be a Top 10 free reference application.

Ingrid Michelsen recently wrote about how WhitePages Mobile Moved From the Sidelines To The Limelight in 6 months and today we announce reaching over 2 million users on mobile.

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WhitePages Mobile for iPhone v1.3: It's Smarter

As those of you with iPhones may already know, v1.3 of the WhitePages Mobile app is now live in the App Store!

This new version represents a huge step forward for our most popular mobile app — and if past updates are any indication, there will be quite a few of you already trying it out and using the new features.

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WhitePages Mobile for iPhone – New and Improved App!

At WhitePages, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make it simple for people to connect – any time, anywhere.  With mobile phones being the most common way that people connect, we began a concerted effort to offer new ways to use WhitePages on mobile phones.

This began with the launch of our WhitePages Mobile for iPhone application in August of 2008.  The app quickly shot up to the Top 5 of the App Store charts, and it was clear we had a hit! Since then, we expanded our mobile plans and tackled apps for Android, BlackBerry, and revamped m.whitepages.com.

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Why I believe in Android

This past fall I wasn’t so sure about Android.

I’m starting to change my mind.

Last week’s news that Google’s Android Mobile Platform will let developers place paid applications is just the most recent milestone. What we have now is a whole new form of ROI – return on innovation – that shows why Android is the real deal. Here are a few other positive steps that happened along the way.

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iPhone Excitement

Today at our Lunch 2.0/Blogger Day event it was great to see so much excitement and passion for the new possibilites created by iPhone 3G. Certainly our moderator, Mike Arrington, was the perfect guy for the job, as evidenced when he asked me to call building security to haul away some poor soul who spoke up as a Windows Mobile advocate. Great set of apps demoed by our friends Ethan from Urbanspoon and John from Jott, in addition to our own soon-to-be-launched app. And the discussion itself was great too, with lots of audience participation. iPhone vs. Android? Monetization opps? iPhone killer app? In my book though (which is admittedly biased), the highlights were the near-physical confrontation between Mike and Joe, and also our very own iPhone-app-enabled speaker phone call to our soon-to-be-elected new prez!

(John Cook’s chronicle of the event.)

Mike makes a threatening hand motion toward Joe…
Michael Arrington and Lunch 2.0 panel on iPhone

Engaged Lunch 2.0 crowd packing the room…
Lunch 2.0 at WhitePages.com Lunch 2.0 Seattle