4 Personal Facts to Edit in Your Information

Last week, we talked about how to claim your listing. Today we’ll discuss how to edit your listing so that you’re putting the information you want out there to the world. The 4 key areas to edit for any Whitepages profile are the name, age, phone number and address.

Once you have claimed your information and successfully created a profile, you will be directed to your Whitepages profile main page. This page shows all the information within your profile and allows you to edit any of the 4 key areas. Let’s dive in to each area one at a time:

1. Name

To edit your name you will need to enter the area of your profile known as the “About You” section. By clicking on this section, you will be allowed to edit both your name and age on Whitepages. If you wish to edit the spelling of your name, this is the place to do so. All you need to do is enter your name as it should be, and hit submit.

2. Age

The age edit option will also be within the “About You” section of your profile. As it was with the name, you can edit your age by simply putting in the correct birthday and clicking submit.

3. Phone Number

To edit your phone number you must go to the section of your profile listed as “Phone Numbers.” Within this section you can choose to hide or show the verified number you used to create your profile.

Maybe your verified number is your cell phone and you wish to be contacted on your home phone. This section also allows you to add more numbers should you choose to do so. Under the “Add a new number” heading, you can choose to enter a new phone type and number. This new number will be verified by either a text or phone call to the number added. This lets you decide which numbers you want the world to know.

4. Address

The address edit option can be found within the “Addresses” section of your profile. Within this section you can select your address and choose to show or hide it from the public. You may also choose to show or hide previous addresses that you claimed when you created your profile.

You now know how to edit your Whitepages profile and show the world who you are! Go log in and try it out.

Manage Your Identity: 3 Steps to Claim Your Listing

The New Year is right around the corner. So in honor of new beginnings, I’m going to get you set up with your very own Whitepages account. There are tons of reasons why it’s smart of have an account. Being searchable on Whitepages helps friends look up your address to send you invitations or get directions to your home—that list could go on for quite some time, but for now, let’s get to the 3 steps for claiming your listing.

1. Find Yourself

Simply go to Whitepages.com and search for your profile using our people, phone or address search.   Select the listing that reflects your personal information by clicking “View Full Profile” and click the “Claim/Edit” button from the menu just below your name and age.

2. Log In

You can create your free Whitepages account by clicking “Join” in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and you have the choice of selecting “Log in with Facebook” to use your Facebook login credentials.

If choosing “Sign Up”, enter your first and last name followed by a valid email address and create the password of your choice.

3. Tell Us It’s You

Upon clicking “Create Account” you will receive an email from Whitepages with the subject of “Verify your email”.  Just access the email inbox and click the “Verify My Email” link provided.

All that is left is to verify your phone number.  If the listing you are claiming has phone numbers attached you can verify any of these.  If no numbers are associated or you do not have access to the visible number on the claimed listing you can add your most convenient phone number and verify this by either a SMS/Text or a phone call.

Choosing the SMS/Text option will send a 4-digit code to your mobile device, which you will then enter into the provided field.

If you choose the Phone Call option, simply answer the incoming call and listen for the 4-digit code.  Enter this into the field provided inside your account and once this is completed the claimed listing should appear inside your account instantly!  If no listing appears or you have another personal listing you wish to add, simply locate the specific listing and click the “Claim/Edit” button.

The idea behind the verification for your email address and phone number is to try and curb malicious use and tampering of information on Whitepages. Having you enter your preferred email address and create a personal password will help ensure that you are the only person with access to how this information appears.  Your verified phone number will appear inside your account and can easily be hidden from public search by selecting “hide” from the Phone Numbers section of your account or selecting “Hide all information…” from within the Privacy section.

You now have complete control over how this information appears on Whitepages.com, and all our affiliated sites!

WhitePages Connects Kids with Moms

As a mom, I have to say: I’m disappointed. But as a product owner for the most popular people search site on the Internet, I’m at least glad that we’re helping people to connect with confidence.

Beyond our expected growth rate, we saw a relatively significant bump in both unique visitors (+7%) and people searches (+10%) in the week leading up to Mother’s Day. Apparently, people don’t know their mother’s addresses and phone numbers. Nice.

Continue reading

Goodbye Telco Listings

No, we’re not abandoning our core business of providing the most comprehensive free online people search (including of course, traditional white pages listings).  But we are moving away from a vestige of the old telco model – viewing people as landline households rather than, well, people.

We’ve released two somewhat subtle but important changes to the web site this week that lay the foundation for a person-centered search model.

First and foremost, we have restructured our results so that you now see the person for whom you are searching rather than multiple people in the same household who are often listed together in a traditional phone book.  So searching for “Keela Robison” now results in my individual listing rather than “Keela and David Robison”.  I love my husband dearly, but we are in fact two separate people and now the WhitePages service reflects that.  At the same time, we’ve retained the information about the other adults in the household to aid in identifying the correct result.  My name is quite unique, however names of other household members would be helpful in determining which John Smith you are looking for.

Individual listing

The second is a graphical change in our home / work / cell phone icons that takes us a small step closer to enabling our customers to combine their listings so that they appear as a single individual with multiple contact types.  More on that to come…

New home and work icons

In addition to the above, this week’s release also included over a dozen smaller enhancements and bug fixes, making it a fairly substantive release.  We hope that you enjoy the improvements.  Please let us know how we’re doing: post your comment below.