Add Another Level of Security to Your Whitepages Listing


Want to add another level of security to your Whitepages listing? After you have created an account and claimed your profile (as I explain how to do in my previous post), gives you the power to choose who can access your information. Our “available by request only” feature allows you to see exactly who is requesting your information and lets you decided who you provide your details to.


Follow the steps below to make your information available by request only

While logged into your account, head to the “Directory” tab and select the edit button on the corresponding piece of information you wish to make available by request. You can choose your phone number, address, or both! Place a check mark inside the box marked “available by request only,” hit save, and success! It’s that simple.


Now comes the fun part…

When someone views your profile they will see this message:


When they click on the “Contact Me” button, you will receive an email from that will display the best method to contact the person trying to reach you. You then can call, or email them at your leisure. Alternatively, you can ignore the message and your contact information will not be shared with them.

If in the future you wish to make this information available to the general public, simply uncheck and Available by request box, click save, and you’re all set. These changes take effect instantly and remain in place until you choose otherwise.

We hope you enjoy this feature, and thank you for reading!

WhitePages Launches Community Forum Through GetSatisfaction

Do you ever wonder what happens when you send a suggestion, question or compliment to a company? We did, too. Which is why we partnered with GetSatisfaction to produce our new community forum.

Our goal in working with GetSatisfaction is to create a place for customers to ask questions, report a problem or give product feedback — this real-time feedback will help us improve our products faster than ever. And that’s the great thing about a community forum: It’s win-win. WhitePages’ customers can ask questions and provide feedback in an open and transparent environment, and they know we’ll hear it. As a participant, you can also see what questions others are asking and read discussions on a wide variety of issues. For us, this increased transparency will result in a freer flow of information.

Do you see a problem (aka “bug”)? Do you have suggestions for products and features that you’d find helpful? Maybe some wild praise about how much you love us (sorry, had to)?  Until now, there was not a clear communication channel for our customers to connect with us. Since our motto is “Connect with Confidence”, that just didn’t make sense.

Through this new tool, you can tell us where we might have missed the mark, what features we can build to make your life easier or how WhitePages helped you connect with an old friend. Another great benefit of the forum is that other community members will chime in creating a rich, multi-perspective discussion on any given topic, and, most importantly, a place for you to connect with us with confidence.

We are really excited to hear what you have to say and how we can better serve you, so grab a cup of coffee, head to WhitePages and join the discussion!

Member Story: Using WhitePages to solve iPod mystery

Britt Stromberg

Britt Stromberg

We get a bunch of emails from WhitePages members telling us about their experiences with our services.  Some are heartwarming, some inpirational and some just plain funny.  Britt’s story is pretty cool, so we thought we’d share with our blog readers.

And if you have as story that you’d like to share in a guest blog, just shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do. .

Hi. I’m Britt Stromberg, a WhitePages member.  I’m the owner of Wordslinger, Inc. and I use WhitePages all the time to look up client contact info, local businesses and people (oh hello college boyfriend…nice to know that you live in Ballard). The coolest thing WhitePages did for me recently was to make it easy to get the phone numbers of my neighbors for a block-watch list. I dreaded the thought of going door-to-door for that thankless task.

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