How Do Whitepagers Survive Winter?


Shorter days, dark sooner, harsh weather conditions… As the official start of winter approaches, we reached out to our employees to see how they SURVIVE WINTER. The daily commute may be a bit slower, but our employees know how to get outdoors or snuggle in to beat those winter blues! Below are several accounts from Whitepagers from each of our office locations: Seattle, New York City, and Budapest. Read on to see how they fight the freeze!


Adrienn is the Office Manager in our Budapest location. She goes the extra mile making our employees feel festive and warm:

Darker earlier? Sunset bonus!

In Budapest, it gets dark around 4:00 PM, which is very devastating — but sometimes we have amazing sunsets. We just had the first snowfall on 29 November! It was really beautiful, especially viewing from the office. Unfortunately, here in downtown as soon as the snow falls it melts immediately, so it’s just mud everywhere.

I, personally, just love winter! From October until January I’m constantly in a holiday mood. Thus, I thought why not bring a little Christmas vibe to the office as well? I put out candies and a small Christmas tree, which really makes the employees happy.  🙂

Some ways we survive in the office:

  • Lots of fruits and veggies are available throughout the week
  • Bi-weekly we have “cookie Wednesday to uplift the mood

The winters in New York can be brutal, so Tom, who works for Whitepages Pro Enterprise Sales in our NYC office focuses on the good stuff:

As a life-long New Yorker, here are some of my favorite NY Winter/Christmas things:

  • Macy’s
  • Saks 5th Ave window
  • Snow – it comes early! (We got our first flurries this past weekend.)
  • A bag of roasted nuts from the street vendor
  • Bryant Park Winter Village
  • Rockefeller Center tree and ice skating  
  • A walk through Central Park
  • Holiday Festival College Basketball at Madison Square Garden
  • Radio City Christmas show (who doesn’t like the Rockettes?)
  • Dinner at Carmine’s sometime between Christmas and New Year’s (a family tradition)
  • Inexpensive matinee theatre tickets 
  • Plaza Hotel Lobby – nicest holiday decorations, for the true Home Alone 2 experience, a great place to take a family photo!

Kathryn, our Whitepages Pro Events Marketing Manager, enjoys taking winter adventures:


I love the outdoors and go on hikes every weekend during the winter, even in the rain or snow. I find that embracing the weather and exploring this beautiful area we live in keeps me sane and happy during the gloomy months. We try to go see Christmas lights every year. Last year we went to Stanwood.




Samantha, an Account Executive, LOVES the winter, especially with her four-legged companion!

Despite the constant battle to try to stay warm and dry, I love having the excuse to snuggle up with my dog and a blanket during the winter months. The crisp cold air and holiday spirit definitely outweigh even the rainiest of days here in Seattle, and I love the fresh new start that January brings. Having grown up in Alaska, I welcome the short days and long nights which further provoke my preference to hit the sheets early and wake up before the rest of the world to hit the pavement for a run (with my dog and a headlamp of course!)


Rebecca, a Reliability Engineer in our Seattle Office is also a big fan of winter:

I love winter time, mainly because of the contrast between the dark and all the lights that come up all around the city. We put our Christmas tree up the same weekend the clocks turned back, which I think was early November. There was some slight outrage from friends about it, but this time of year nothing beats cozying up in front of the warmth of the fire, surrounded by those lights while it’s cold and dark outside.

Security and Compliance Manager Sean isn’t a big fan of the winter weather but makes the most of it with his family:

Winter is not my favorite (cold, dark!), but I like the occasional snow days with my kids. We go to Hyak in the Cascades for a day and pack our sledding disks, snacks, and hot cocoa. We don’t have fancy snow gear, so we wear all our wool this-and-that in layers. We also hike, so we wear our hiking boots with lots of wool and cotton socks. Every other year, our little family joins our bigger Boise family for the Christmas holiday. Tubing is always on the agenda and Idaho has lots of tubing places that are really fun. This year, we will try snowshoeing too!

From all of us at Whitepages, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season! Stay warm!

#TeamWP: Meet Erin

If you are ever wondering how a company with as many moving parts as Whitepages keeps track of it’s revenue, then look no further. Erin, Whitepages’ very own staff accountant is the glue that holds this process together. Walking through the office, not only will you see her focused on making sure all revenue is accounted for and recorded but you will also see her running around the office saying hi to the rest of TeamWP and planning fun employee get-togethers. Let’s meet Erin!



Which office are you in?

Home of the 12th man, Seattle!

Why did you join Whitepages?

I joined Whitepages because of the amazing culture we have here. I could tell in the interview that Whitepages was a special place to work because of its transparency and drive for innovation. Also, I absolutely love working with everyone at Whitepages, they are why I enjoy coming to work everyday! (Go TeamWP!)

What’s your favorite snack in the kitchen?

Chocolate covered raisins! *cough I mean apples….

How do you take your coffee?

With a little bit of cream every morning

What do you listen to at work?  What’s on your playlist?

Whatever I feel like grooving to that day…or whatever song Nicholas is singing. He’s very talented as everyone knows after karaoke in Bend.

What was your very first job?

I coached little kids in soccer at Arena Sports in Redmond, WA. It was actually an amazing first job!

Describe your first computer.

The only thing I remember about my first computer was playing Oregon Trail. I know many of you remember that one!

What was your favorite TV show when you were a child?

I was obsessed with Friends in Junior High and High school. I may or may not own all 10 seasons on DVD.

Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know_____.

I cry very easily during movies especially when they involve animals…I even cried in Disney’s Tarzan when Tarzan’s ape dad dies. Yes, I do realize it’s animated.

What are you most proud of?

Ooh that’s a toughie… I’m proud of the fact that I’m extremely happy with my 27 years of life so far. I’ve experienced a lot of cool things and have a ton of amazing people in my life. A lot to be grateful for and proud of!

When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

Take my energetic, adorable black lab, Dakota, for a stroll. He’s my baby!


If you had 10 extra dollars what would you buy?

A Peach lunch

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

This is easy…Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” Even though I feel terrible for anyone who has to listen to it, I love singing that song!

What’s the last vacation you went on?

I was just up in Whistler for a long weekend snowshoeing and hiking with some friends from Australia. Unfortunately, the snow was kind of sucky for snowboarding but we made up for it with some breath-taking hikes and of course enjoying the awesome night-life in the village.


What’s your signature gelato flavor?

Gelato…no idea. Ice cream on the other hand, Lucerne’s Birthday Cake ice cream is freaking amazing! If you haven’t had it you should fix that pronto! I’m actually enjoying some as I write this.

Two things you can’t live without?

My incredible family and football season.



#TeamWP Has Pride: Meet Pridepages

We’re a company that loves hosting events. Whether it’s something for developers who know Scala and Rails or an internal happy hour, we’re all about entertaining. Part of that has to do with how much we enjoy showing off our award-winning office, but what it really stems from is our focus on community. Last Thursday, March 26, we hosted a meet-up for The Greater Seattle Business Association’s Young Professionals with Pride (GSBA’s YPP).

The event was put on by Pridepages, which is Whitepages’ LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual) & Allied affinity group. As the founder of Pridepages, I’m happy to say that the YPP event was a huge success that brought together over 80 young professions from numerous industries. Door prizes included Whitepages messenger bags and water bottles, tickets to GREASE at the 5th Avenue Theatre and floral arrangements from SAL floral.

For anyone unfamiliar, the GSBA is the largest and most active LGBT business chamber in the U.S. This year in 2015, LGBTQA employees in Washington State will benefit from years of progress within the Greater Seattle corporate/tech communities. A lot of that is due to contributions from affinity groups like GLEAM (Gay and Lesbian Employees at Microsoft founded in the ‘80s), and GLAmazon (Amazon’s LBGT group). But Pridepages is anything but corporate. We offer a fresh voice to the tech community that’s been leading the charge for equal rights and inclusion over the past 40 years.

Having been involved in Pridepages since its start, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this group flourish over the last six months. Our group has well over 20 active members, and seeing as how we’re a company of 160 employees, we make a huge impact on the environment and culture here at Whitepages. Take a look at our mission:

“Create and sustain a diverse and welcoming environment for LGBTQA individuals and Allies within Whitepages and the greater tech community through events and outreach.”

Events such as the YPP meet-up are just one example of how Pridepages is helping to shape the community of LGBTQA individuals and allies Seattle, but it’s also proof that Whitepages is more than just an awesome space. It’s a company where I feel supported for all of my contributions. Pridepages was founded so that we could celebrate that inclusion internally as well as with those within the greater tech community.

Here are a few of our favorite Team WP photos from the night.