More Unknown Numbers? Block Them With Caller ID

You may not realize it, but the way we think about mobile phones is changing. Today, your mobile phone does much more than make phone calls. It’s your calendar, alarm clock, phone book and portal to the Web where other cherished items like email and social media live. It’s no surprise then that people are buying more of them. But with more phones in the wild, comes more unknown numbers. Let’s take a look at the spike in mobile phones and learn more about how Whitepages Caller ID helps you manage them by blocking unwanted calls.

Mobile phones are on the rise

Use rates for smartphones and tablets are growing fast. The number of worldwide mobile users is estimated to go from 4.3 billion in 2014 to 5.2 billion by 2019. That’s a 21% increase. To take it one step further, the average person in North America will own approximately 3 mobile devices by 2019. What these numbers tell us is simple: the amount of mobile phone numbers is rising rapidly.

What that means for you

Your mobile phone doesn’t identify names for incoming calls unless the number is already stored in your phone book. And as mobile devices get into the hands of more users, the chance for being caught off guard with a phone call from an unrecognized number is going to rise. No one wants to return a call to a telemarketer by accident or otherwise waste time with unknown numbers that are better off avoided. At the same time, the growing number of mobile devices—more than one per person on average—means it’s increasingly likely that when you receive a call, you won’t recognize the number, even if it’s a family member, close friend or a manager at work. Sorting through these two very different types of calls is time consuming and frustrating without using the right tools.


Identify & block unwanted numbers

The old saying, where there’s a will there’s a way applies here. We developed Whitepages Caller ID to solve these issues. With Caller ID, you know who’s calling even if they aren’t in your phone book. It’s a free app for your Android that helps you make better decisions on which calls to answer. And as an increasing amount of mobile devices continue to flood the phone lines, you might find that you want to block certain numbers—spammers, scammers and exes, to name a few. Caller ID allows you to block phone numbers of your choosing so they stop interrupting your day. Send unwanted calls straight to voice mail and prevent them from ringing through.

Whitepages Caller has other cool features like location sharing and spam ID. Download it free on the Google Play Store.

Stop Phone Spam: Get Caller ID

Phone spam is a nuisance and it’s a problem that’s only growing. If you’re tired of receiving spam on your mobile phone, then check out how Whitepages Caller ID can help.

By taking advantage of the Whitepages database of 600M+ phone numbers, including 250M mobile phones, Caller ID helps you make informed decisions about whether or not to answer an incoming call. So how does our app know if a call is suspected of spam? Let’s take a look:


Our Users Make a Difference

Did you know that you can report spam within the Caller ID app or from One of the ways we identify spam phone numbers is from comments and submissions by our users. Tell us whether they’re a telemarketer, scammer or debt collector. We’ll take that information and use it to warn others. Try it some time and become part of our growing community of spam detectives.

The Phone Reputation Team

One of the ways that we detect spam phone numbers is through our state-of-the-art phone reputation service. At Whitepages, we have an entire team dedicated to detecting and monitoring spam numbers. Thanks to their work and the comments left by our users, we’re able to tell you when an incoming call is suspected of spam.

Spam by the Numbers

To date, Whitepages has identified more than 10 million phone numbers making unwanted calls. We did some sorting and were able to breakdown the offenders by percentage. Of the 10M spam numbers:

  • 47% were telemarketers
  • 29% were flagged as scams
  • 17% were debt collectors

What You Can Do

Start by downloading the free app from the Google Play Store. From there, Caller ID will send you alerts when a call is suspected of spam. If you do encounter a spam number, then go ahead and report it to Whitepages and block the number from calling you again. Caller ID allows you to block specific phone numbers that you want to stop interrupting you. Together with spam alerts and call blocking, Caller ID puts control back in the phone owner’s hands.

Caller ID has other great features. Watch our video to learn more!

Parents Know Who’s Calling With Whitepages Caller ID

There are a lot of reasons why having caller ID on your mobile phone is simply a must. And I can’t think of any more important than receiving calls made on behalf of your kids. If you have children in after-school activities, then this situation may sound familiar…

Have you ever dropped your son and daughter off at school and gone on to accomplish the rest of your day’s work? You’ve got a well-understood schedule, so you know that your child will be in school until 3 p.m., and then they’ll stay for soccer practice until 4:30, which is when you’ll pick them up. But what happens when practice gets cancelled because Coach is sick?

Remember that phone tree you filled out at the start of the season? It’s the one you listed your cell phone number on because everyone knows that you have your Android on you at all times. Well today it’s going into full effect to alert you and the other parents that your little MVPs need to be picked up early. That’s a call you would absolutely want to take, but the likelihood of it coming from another parent’s cell phone is high. If you haven’t added their number to your phone, then they will ring through as an unknown number, and because of that, you may choose to ignore their call. Suddenly you’ve become the break in the phone tree and on top of that, you’re late to pick up your little one.

But what if you had the Whitepages Caller ID app installed on your phone? That unknown number would prepopulate with the name of the other player’s parent. You’d call the next parent on the phone tree list and be on time for pick-up. Everybody wins!

With the Whitepages Caller ID app for Android, you know who’s calling even if they’re not listed in your phone’s contacts list. On top of that, you can block specific numbers and receive spam alerts to ensure that you only take the calls from the people who matter most in your life. Download it free today and discover all the ways Caller ID makes every day easier.

WhitePages for Android arrives!

Today marks the launch of the new WhitePages for Android application. In recent weeks there has been an Android explosion, and Google Android-powered phones are now available from almost every major US wireless carrier. AdMob recently noted that 20% of the smartphone market is now Android phones – that’s up from 2% just 8 months ago!

So, it’s not surprising that we’ve gotten a lot of requests to take the People Search, Business Search and Reverse Phone number search found in many of our other applications and make them available for Android phones. The new WhitePages app includes all of these features and more for free — and complements the Top 10 grossing Caller ID app that we released for Android earlier this year.

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Caller ID by WhitePages: A New Android App

Just Added!! Want to try Caller ID FREE for 7 days?  Hit this link to get the free trial app.

I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing a new and improved version of Caller ID by WhitePages, in the paid Android Market that will give our customers an even better Caller ID experience.  The G1 app will be available for download today.

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