Summer Internships: Now and Then

Summer Internship fun at WhirlyBall!


The Whitepages Summer Internship Program is a thriving part of shaping the overall success of our company. This year we have FIVE incoming interns and hope the skills they learn will allow them to be the next generation utilizing Data For Good.

We reached out to Rachel Flanagan, Recruiter, and Amanda Moore, Recruiting Coordinator at Whitepages, to share the fast facts about our current program:

  • 12-week long internship
  • Departments for interns include: Premium, Core Site, Data Services, Pro Marketing, and Premium Customer Insight
  • Team-Building/Social Events such as: welcome dinners, a scavenger hunt in Downtown Seattle, and WhirlyBall
  • Internships culminate in a final project presented to the company during our Brown Bag Presentations

This year’s five interns consist of three engineers, one customer insight intern, and one marketing intern, starting in late May/early June.

Along with our Summer Interns, Whitepages also participates in the Rainier Scholarship Program. Rainier Scholars is a 12-year program for hard-working, low-income students of color in the Seattle area. These students receive academic preparation, leadership development, and support so that they can earn their four-year degree and become professionals and leaders in their community. This year we have two Rainier Scholar interns: Mimy will be working on our Premium Customer Insight Team, while Treon will be on the Pro Marketing Team. We’re excited to have them aboard!

Learn more about Rainier Scholars here:

Some of last year’s interns are also now current employees!
We highlighted Colin Miller’s story in a previous blog.
Alison Haugh also shared her experience being an intern last year in this blog.

As we gear up to welcome our new class of summer interns, we were interested to find out about our own Whitepagers’ first internship experiences…

Steve Hanks, Chief Data Scientist, cleaned typewriters. Remember those?

“My first internship was the summer between high school and college. The internship might well have kindled my passion for data science and big data, though it being the mid-’70s, neither had really been invented yet, and I had never actually programmed or even heard of a computer.

So in looking for a passion-inspiring internship, I took the closest thing to Big Data I could: I worked at [the now closed] Arcadia Office Equipment, cleaning typewriters. I was assigned the manual typewriters because it was an entry-level internship.  More senior people cleaned the electric typewriters and I never returned to graduate up to the electrics, so that continues to be a gap in my professional expertise.”

How does one go about cleaning a typewriter, you may ask? Steve explains: “To do my cleanings, I first blew out the typewriter with compressed air sending nasty particles all over, then dipped it into a vat of truly scary chemical solvents, then dived my hands into the vat of solvent to take a (manual) toothbrush to the keys, then pulled the typewriter out of the chemicals and blew it dry with compressed air, unleashing a misty cloud of solvent.  Then I polished it up and threaded a nice new ribbon on it. All this without eye protection or lung protection or skin protection, which many say explains a lot about how my mind works now. In summary, if you have a manual typewriter that needs cleaning, I am definitely your guy;  it’s like riding a bike.”


Marketing Manager Lindsey Wilcox explored the outdoors and did some heavy lifting: “I’ve never held an internship, but when I was a teenager I worked as a youth soccer referee, a garden center assistant (I spent a lot of time lifting bags of bark mulch), a basketball coach where I taught alongside the Harlem Globetrotters and a soccer coach where I taught alongside Tiffeny Milbrett.”


Recruiter, Rachel Flanagan, also a member of our CarePages Affinity Group, started giving back at an early age: “I interned at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in their Foundation Department. We were responsible for raising funds to support the children and families in the hospital that could not afford care as well as for new equipment for the NICU that year. We hosted multiple events, one being ‘The Pour,’ where we invited Spokane locals to Arbor Crest Winery to sip wine and purchase auction items to support families in the Inland Northwest.”

We are proud of the success of our Intern Program, and strive to make it a fruitful experience for the future of data!

by Katie Krueger

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