Simple Tips to Get Ahead of the Game Planning This Year’s Block Party

Block parties are a summer tradition in many areas, and an opportunity to meet people in the local community both old and new. If you’re planning a block party, it can be a pain when it comes time to get in touch with local attendees. You may have a list of names and addresses, or just know that a new couple moved in down the street and has to be invited. While it’s likely you’ll have the phone numbers and email addresses of some people in your neighborhood, you probably don’t have a comprehensive list.

When you use Whitepages, you’re accessing our best-in-class database to get phone numbers, email addresses and more, making sure everyone shows up to the party. Whitepages provides an alternative to repetitive door knocking up and down the street. You’ll have a more accurate list of contacts for the party in less time – and it’s free!

How to make the block party fun (and have extra fun yourself!)

Organizing a block party can be complicated in terms of coordinating with attendees, figuring out who’s going to bring food, if there’s going to be entertainment and many other considerations. This doesn’t have to end with you pulling your hair out in frustration the day before. We’ve already discussed the benefits of using our powerful search tool to get the invite list together, but that’s not the only element that can help make the planning process smoother. Here’s some advice that can make sure everyone – yourself included – is ready for fun when the big day arrives:

Delegate: One of the best tips from The Washington Post’s article on organizing block parties is to clearly assign responsibilities well before the party starts. Even if you’re the lead organizer, you shouldn’t have to take care of every last detail. It may mean an extra hour or two of discussion, but it will save many more in the weeks leading up to the event.

Permits: Not all neighborhoods need a permit to hold a block party, but some do. It’s better to find out beforehand than to have to deal with it the day of. Getting a permit can be a really big help in more densely populated areas too, allowing you to have a side street closed town for part of the day and creating a safe space.

Conflicting schedules: This is an easy one. Make sure no major local or national events are scheduled on the day you want to hold your block party. 

Use an RSVP: The Chicago Tribune spoke with veteran party planners in the Windy City and noted that RSVPs are crucial to getting an accurate headcount. You want to make your block party casual and fun – but you don’t want to have double the number of expected guests. RSVPs also help you confirm that everyone in the neighborhood got the invitation.

A party you plan and also enjoy is the best kind of event. Start the party planning out on the right foot by first creating a list of names and addresses of potential partygoers. Simply head to Whitepages, type in the name of the individual you hope to see at the block party and voila! You’ll have a full list of names and addresses in no time.

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