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“Work hard, play hard and win” that’s the WhitePages spirit and our first ever stair climbing challenge shows that! Little did I know that when I rolled out the “New and Improved” WhitePages Employee Wellness Program this year, that the first employee wellness challenge would be such a sweaty success (it’s OK, we have showers on-site)!

So …our first challenge, to climb flights of stairs, began on February 23rd. A pretty simple concept when you think about it. Our offices are in “beautiful” downtown Seattle, which everyone knows can be pretty rainy, windy and not the best place to get out and about during Feb/Mar, so our Wellness Committee proposed an indoor challenge…form teams of up to 10 people and see which team could average the most flights of stairs climbed (per person) over a four week period…I’m thinking 8 or 10 maybe 12 flights a day if someone is a REAL athlete, right?

Ian, the early morning stair master

Ian, the early morning stair master

Since we started, 64 participants have climbed 21,583 (yes, twenty-one THOUSAND five HUNDRED and eighty-three) FLIGHTS of stairs…you want an average? You do the math, that makes my head hurt! So, let’s put that into perspective shall we? Joe, our VP of Tech, sent this email out:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
From: Joe Heitzeberg
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2009 10:52 AM
To: WP Team (Seattle)
Subject: Who will climb Mt. Everest?

It sounds far-fetched, but you only need to climb 91 flights of stairs every day during the contest period in order to climb the equivalent of Mt. Everest from sea level.

91 flights x 23 days x 14 ft per flight = 29,302 feet
Mt. Everest = 29,029 feet

So…which team (or individual) is going to climb Mt. Everest? :)
Here are some additional targets:
a.. Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,344 ft) = 60 flights / day
b.. Mt. Rainier (14,411 ft) = 45 flights / day
c.. Mt. Fuji (12,390 ft) = 39 flights / day
d.. Mt. Baker (10,778 ft) = 34 flights / day
e.. Mt. St. Helens (8,364 ft) = 26 flights / day
f.. Mt. Si (4,167 ft) = 13 flights / day
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I’m thinking…geez, even I can average 13 flights a day, so why not 26 and attempt Mt. St. Helens? So, now the challenge is keeping reception on my iPhone while I’m walking flights so I can get those extra emails answered AND get my flights in for the day. By the way, did someone say stairwell 1:1 status meetings?

Kathryn/Rose 10am meeting, floors 16-30

Kathryn/Rose 10am meeting, floors 16-30

Talk about really, really hating to lose! Just think…the prize for the winning team is everyone gets a $15 Starbucks card…just imagine how fierce the competition would be for a $25 card!

I know…I know…the suspense is killing me too. The contest ends March 20th, so if you want to know the grand total and how many times we will summit Mt. Everest as a group or who climbed what mountain …..come back and check out our blog at the end of March for the results… Did I mention that one of our values is “We love to win and really, really hate to lose”….YA THINK??!!

I’ll tell you more about our Wellness Program soon. But in the meantime, I’d love to hear how you are staying healthy at work!


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