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After a brutal, somewhat eternal winter for much of the U.S., the first day of spring was welcomed with open arms. Though the first day of spring may not mark the first day of warm weather, it does mark the launch of the much anticipated spring cleaning. Some of your spring chores, like tidying up your phone’s contacts, may sound daunting, but Whitepages is here to help. Simply follow through the spring cleaning task list below and say goodbye to those winter blues and hello to a spring-cleaned, more efficient mobile device.


Spring Cleaning Task 1: Clean Up Your Mobile Phone Contacts

If you’re anything like us, you’ve experienced an unknown number calling your mobile phone and ignored it – only to find that it’s your good friend calling from her new number (that she has reminded you multiple times to add to your phone book!)  Now’s your chance to set those records straight by using the Whitepages “people lookup” tool – simply follow the steps below to spring clean your contacts list.

Step 1: Head to Whitepages.com, type in your friend’s name and city, as seen in the image below, and hit “search.”


Step 2: After you hit “search” you will be directed to a page that will list all of the individuals under your friend’s name that are living in the location you entered. You’re in luck – your friend updated her Whitepages listing, allowing her family and friends to see her most recent mobile number. If your friend has not updated her listing, you may see just a landline associated with her name. Have you tried searching yourself? Update your Whitepages listing to prevent your friends and family from being unable to find your mobile information in the future.

Step 3: Now, to get even more organized – we’ll also tell you how to clean up your call history and identify unknown numbers you may want to remember for the future. This is where our Reverse Phone feature comes into play. Click the “Phone” tab on the top of the Whitepages.com home page, and type in the unknown number, as shown below.


After clicking “search” a name will pop up that is associated with that number. Add that name to your mobile contact list, and you’re one step closer to an organized, efficient phone.

Spring Cleaning Task 2: Update your (Physical) Address Book

From mailing out holiday cards to sending out wedding invites, it’s important to have your address book up to date. Though you may see addresses when using the “People Search” tool, you might not have an answer for the addresses you jotted down in the past (and can’t remember who they belong to). Follow the two simple steps below and your addresses will be cleaned up and ready for use in no time.

Step 1: Click the “Address” tab on the top of the Whitepages.com homepage, and type in the address you are searching, as seen in the image below.


At this point, you will see the identities of the people associated with that address, and nearby neighbors.

Bonus Spring Cleaning Tip: Psssst, Android users! We have a way for you to (super) efficiently clean up your contacts list with Whitepages Caller ID. The best part? Caller ID will know who’s calling without you needing to update your mobile phone book first. Once a call comes through, you will automatically see the name of the person calling. From there, you can easily add the contact to your phone to save his or her name and address information from the Whitepages directory – spring cleaning doesn’t get much easier than that. Caller ID even alerts you if there is a suspected spammer calling you. So there’s no need to have “Spam” or “Fraud” contacts in your address book – Caller ID will detect them for you!

From updating friend’s phone numbers in your contact list to identifying addresses and who they belong to – Whitepages is here to help streamline your spring cleaning woes.


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