Should You Share Personal Information With Brands?

Striking a balance between collecting necessary information and asking for too much is a common problem for businesses. In an era where computers have made the collection of large amounts of data easier than ever, many businesses are excited to better understand their customer base. Consumers in general are weary of giving up too much of their information, although they’ll certainly share certain types of info depending on who’s asking – and what they expect to get in return.

You can probably think of times you were asked for what you thought was too much information. For this reason, the goal for a majority of businesses isn’t to collect as much information from customers as possible, but to ask for a few pieces of info that are most important to them. This approach hopes to keep customers like you happy and engaged.

At Whitepages, we offer you a unique opportunity: You can take control of the personal information you’re sharing online. Not only with us, but with everyone who wants to look up your name and address on our site.

A new and frequently changing concept

Because the idea of routinely providing information electronically is still relatively new, the tools and methods used to collect information (as well as people’s attitudes) are in a state of flux. A few recent high-profile incidents of electronic attacks made on large businesses like Target and Home Depot have made many people less willing to share their personal data because they worry that it may be accessed by hackers.

Rewards or risks?

What people need is the right balance between personalization and privacy. It’s a matter of reconciling our desire for the rewards of sharing information with the fear of having our digital identity stolen by hackers or used by companies in ways we aren’t comfortable with. That difference in opinion grows based on what kind of business is asking for the info. Banks, for example, are highly trusted, while other types of businesses don’t get the same level of trust.

The benefits

There are two major benefits to be had when it comes sharing information: direct rewards, such as a coupon or free item, and a more personalized experience with the company you gave your info to. While there are plenty of concerns related to sharing data with companies, many people will do so when the transaction benefits them. A good example is the sharing of a birthday month and year provides because the expectation is that business will give out a birthday reward.

Personalization is a win-win situation, as it benefits businesses and the general public too. You get presented with advertisements that are relevant to your interests, while businesses optimize their marketing efforts. The companies that personalize messages or reward customers for sharing information are ultimately the most successful.

At, we give you total control of the contact and locational information you share. Not only can you update outdated info, you can choose what is listed, make your information available by request, or take it down. It comes back to something that we feel strongly about, your right to control your personal information. So whether you want to reap the rewards of sharing your information, or protect it from the public, the choice is yours. Update your listing now.

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