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When you need to call or find someone with Whitepages Premium, it’s imperative that you be able to find the right person and the right information. Though Whitepages aggregates data from multiple public and proprietary databases in an effort to provide the best data in the industry, sometimes these sources don’t have enough information on a particular individual, and holes in information appear. But don’t despair: even if a specific piece of information isn’t listed on someone’s search page, Whitepages Premium can still help you find it and connect with the right person.

If an address, phone number, or email doesn’t appear in search

If someone’s page is missing the contact information you need, use People Search to find the next best thing: a family member. Search for parents, siblings, spouses, or other relatives, and reach out to them to see if they can provide you with the right information. At least one of these folks is likely to know how to reach your person.

If you don’t personally know someone’s relatives, you can reach out to the names on someone’s lists of “Possible Associates,” which might also include friends or roommates. These lists appear towards the bottom of someone’s search page:

What comes up when you do a People Search

If my search for “Rebecca Taylor” didn’t return the correct results, it is possible to figure out who her family members are from these lists, based on name and age.

If the information I have is outdated

Having some information to start a search, even if it’s not current, puts you in a great position because you have a lot more ways to find someone.

If you have an old phone number, Reverse Search that number to see a list of past and current owners. Let’s say you want to find an old friend, Lisa, but the phone number you have belongs to a house she no longer lives in. Enter that number into the “reverse phone search” feature on Premium and take a look at the results:

Results from a People Search.

This is a list of people associated with that number. Towards the bottom is my friend Lisa Townsend, so now I can simply click “view details” to see her current contact information.

If you have an old house address, the process is very similar. Reverse Search the address with Premium and a list similar to a phone search’s “family and previous owners” will pop up.

Just like with a phone search, you can click over into the people associated with this address to see someone’s current information. If you’re looking for an old neighbor, their names should pop up in this list. From here, click “View Report” to see their contact information.

If I need to find someone, but I don’t know their name

Let’s say you want to find your distant cousin’s wife, but you don’t know (or can’t remember) her name. Here, use People Search to look up your cousin first. His wife will likely appear under his list of “family members,” and you can probably figure out which person is the right one by looking at their age, location, and whether or not you recognize her name. Click into her page to see if her information matches what you do know about her.

You can always contact the wife’s friends and relatives or your own family members for her information, too. Start with People Search to get their contact information.

If I’ve tried to contact someone, but they haven’t responded

Nothing is more frustrating than tracking down someone’s contact information just to have them not answer the phone. If you’re confident it’s a good time to reach out to this person, revisit their informational page in People Search to see if there’s any contact information you might have missed. There may be something listed here you haven’t tried, like a home address where you could send a card or letter.

If you’ve tried all the contact information available for this person, their relatives are a good bet, too. They should be able to point you in the right direction or at least fill you in on why their son or nephew might not be answering calls or email.

If my search yields too many results

Sometimes, a person search will give you more information than you need–or that you could possibly ever get through. This happens with phone numbers because that number just has too many associations, and it happens with names because many people share that name. If you just searched for “John Smith” nationwide, you’d get thousands of results. Narrow down the search to “John Smith, Alabama” and you get 100+ results. Better, but still not quite manageable.

Instead of scrolling through a hundred results, opt for specificity when you’re searching for someone. Enter in their full name and not just their state, but their city, too. Get even more specific with the Advanced Search tool, located just underneath the People Search bar.

Advanced Search allows you to enter in someone’s name, specific location, birthday and age, either an exact number or plus or minus five years. This tool can make a big difference in your search. If you search for Rebecca Taylor, either nationwide or in a specific state, there are likely 100+ results for that name. But if you search for her with the Advanced Search tool, the results are much easier to look at:

A screenshot of too many People Search results.

The more you know about a person that you can enter into the Advanced Search tool, the more successful your search will be.

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