Samsung’s Galaxy S7: Using Whitepages to Improve Caller Identification and Spam Detection

What if you bought your mobile phone, straight off the shelf, outside of that tempting Auntie Anne’s at the strip mall (no judgement), and already had the best caller identification and spam/scam detection at your fingertips? That’s no longer a pipe dream, folks. Starting today, Samsung and Whitepages have partnered together to make this dream a reality on the new Galaxy S7. You’re on your own for Auntie Anne’s, but we’ve got the rest

Coming to your fingertips in 16 countries* is a seamless experience, built right into the phone (no app required!) that helps identify unknown callers and protect users-like-you against the growing nuisance of phone spam and scams. According to Whitepages’ annual  “State of the Unwanted Call” report, there was a 35 percent growth in spam and scam calls in 2015 over 2014. Sounds like we’ve got a problem on our hands, amIright? Thankfully, we have a solution. Integrated into the Galaxy S7, users will find:

  • Caller Identification: Whitepages has more than 600 million active mobile and landline phone numbers in the US and over 1.5 billion unique numbers globally. Galaxy S7 users can harness that power every time someone calls. With this intel, you can make informed decisions about whether or not to answer an incoming call.
  • Spam and Scam Detection: Is the IRS calling to say you owe money? What about the Captain saying you just won a 7 day cruise (Toot! Toot!)? With the integration of Whitepages’ data into the Galaxy S7, you can answer (or ignore) calls with confidence. Did we miss a spammer? Well, nobody’s perfect and they’re sneaky devils. Lucky for you, there is a spam button you can utilize to easily report spam/scam numbers.
  • Nearby Business Search: Powered by a global database of local
    business information, you can now search directly within the native dialer to find nearby businesses. You want pizza? You got pizza! Need flowers? You got ’em! How about a tailor? Looking sharp! Is it 3pm? Sounds like coffee time to me. Do you know where your nearest gourmet coffee shop is? You do now.

With this partnership, Samsung is offering users a better phone experience. Period. This isn’t Whitepages’ first rodeo though. Last year, T-Mobile partnered with Whitepages to bring our caller ID and spam/scam protection app, Name ID, to T-Mobile phones. These partnerships with world class handset manufacturers and telecommunications companies are further affirmation that Whitepages is the vanguard of scam detection technologies and is the first line of defense for mobile phones. Just think of us as the Zorro of the mobile identification world. We won’t stop you.

*Dying to know the 16 countries? You came to the right place. Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with more countries to come.

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