Reading the Tea Leaves: Royal Baby Names Throughout History


Names are our obsession here at WhitePages, so delving into the history of royal names is a bit more than a weekend sport. We all know some names are timeless, like William and Elizabeth, but which names have emerged victorious in popularity, and which have never quite gotten out of the gate?

Here’s what we found in our Names database. Now, hopefully this intel will give you a winning edge in the office pool!

Trend Setters:



Took off in popularity after 1956, the year Monaco’s eldest princess was born, jumping 59% and almost 70 spots in popularity in one year



Stephanie has had a steady climb in popularity since Monaco’s youngest princess was born in 1965, peaking in 1984, after the period of mourning over the death of her mother, Princess Grace, had ended, and Stephanie had a more public profile. It was the #6 ranked girl’s name in the U.S. that year.



Charles has been a popular name for over 600 years, but it saw a boost in popularity after Prince Charles’ birth in 1948: Nearly 1,000 newborns were given the prince’s name the following year.


Royal Flops: Albert, Beatrice, Eugenie

These names did not make much of an impression in the name game in the public’s mind: Albert, Beatrice and Eugenie all peaked in popularity between 1910 and 1920, and did not see an uptick when Monaco’s prince and Prince Andrew’s daughters were born.


Best Bets for the New Heir

According to William Hill, the world’s largest bookmaker, these are currently the frontrunners of potential names for the royal tot:



Introduced to Britain (and English speaking countries) in the late 19th century by way of King Edward VII’s Danish wife, Alexandra’s popularity has grown steadily since 1934, peaking in 1993.



No. 41 in popularity in the U.S. as of 2011, this name has a long royal history, notably with the coronation of George in 1714, and has been and has been one of the most popular English boy’s names since the 1500’s.

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