Problems & Solutions: Fight Mobile Spam With Caller ID

The first years of widespread cellphone use were great for early users who wanted to avoid the telemarketers and robocalls that were invading their landlines. And the fact that’s it’s harder for companies to find information like a name or address associated with cellphones made mobile phones a privacy-lover’s dream. But times have changed. Mobile spam has become an all too common problem. Let’s take a look at the state of mobile spam today and talk about what you can do to control it.


The Problems at the Heart of the Matter

How much of the general population is affected by unwanted spam and telemarketing calls? Approximately 68 percent of cellphone users receive unwanted calls related to sales and marketing. Of the people who are negatively impacted by such calls, a full 25 percent, are dealing with multiple unwanted incoming calls per week. Spam calls from telemarketers are the most common issue for Americans using cellphones.

Another factor to consider when it comes to mobile spam are the phone carriers. The companies that manage mobile and landlines are hesitant to block calls because of legal precedents. The Federal Trade Commission says it’s fine for carriers to block automatic dialers and other obvious spam calls, the phone companies say past rulings indicate they can’t exert this kind of control on calls. Even with the FTC’s recent go-ahead to introduce stronger spam-call blocking, it’s clear that phone companies aren’t particularly active in terms of developing or implementing this kind of technology.

Putting the Power in Your Hands

Lucky for cellphone users, a powerful spam-blocking app is available for Android—and it’s free! Whitepages Caller ID tells you when an incoming call is suspected of spam. You see its spam rating along with comments from other users who can tell you more about it. From there, you can even block the number from calling you and send it straight to voice mail. Thanks to its trusted phone reputation service and user feedback, Caller ID is able to put control back in your hands. Download it today and always know who’s calling.

Want to learn more about Caller ID? Watch our video.

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