No Blarney: Murphy Most Popular Irish Surname in Boston & Chicago


Chicago, it’s your lucky day.

Chicago tops Boston, another stronghold of Irish ancestry, if you’re tallying Irish last names, according to our data.

Even with Mayor Walsh heading up Boston, the City of Big Shoulders has people with Irish surnames and that’s not even counting Mrs. O’Leary (whose name makes the Top 10 in both cities).

There are nearly six times as many Murphys in Chicago as Boston, but it’s the top name in both towns.

So if you plan to partake in the wearing of the green, enjoy corned beef and cabbage or pull a pint of Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, pull up a three-legged stool and ponder the most popular Irish surnames in Boston and Chicago:

Most Popular Irish Names in Chicago:

Murphy – 3768
Kelly – 3326
Ryan – 1810
Walsh – 1592
O’Brien – 1428
O’Donnell – 694
O’Connell – 668
O’Malley – 639
Byrne – 492
O’Leary – 322

Most Popular Irish Names in Boston:

Murphy – 637
O’Brien – 473
Walsh – 453
Kelly – 425
Ryan – 381
O’Connell – 165
O’Neill – 154
O’Donnell – 136
Byrne – 123
O’Leary – 97

And a tip o’ the hat to my dear brother Jack on his St. Paddy’s Day birthday!

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