Movie Names Spotlight: Mining for Minions


First came Despicable Me, then came Despicable Me 2. Though the two movies were centered around Gru, a supervillan, you couldn’t help but love his minions. The minions, small pill-shaped, yellow beings whose sole purpose in life is to serve history’s most villainous masters, were so loved that they got their own prequel – The Minions. From Sandra Bullock to Jon Hamm, the animated movie is packed full of stars with memorable and recognizable voices. How memorable are these stars? Find out how many people share names with them – you might even be surprised to find out how many people are named Minion.


Sandra Bullock – From The Blind Side to Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock has a voice that is so distinctive, it stands out amongst the multiples of minions in the movie. In Fact, her voice is so memorable that she is likely to stand out amongst all of the other Sandra Bullock’s in the United States. How many Sandra Bullock’s are there? 222.

Jon Hamm –  Did you know that before Jon Hamm played the serious role of Don Draper, an advertising executive on Mad Men, his primary focus was comedy movies? It’s not surprising that Jon would go back to his comedy roots for this action-packed, animated film. Jon, who plays the character Herb Overkill, shares his name with just a few people in the US, only 36. As for Herb Overkill, the writers were wise in choosing his unique name, as there are 0 Herb Overkill’s in the US.

Michael Keaton – You can’t miss Michael Keaton’s recognizable voice in The Minions. Michael Keaton’s character, a well-intentioned husband who is also the father of bank robbers, couldn’t have a more common name. Perhaps many other well-intentioned husbands in the US share names with Keaton’s character, Walter Nelson. There are 725 Walter Nelson’s within the US,  whereas there are only 164 Michael Keaton’s.

Allison Janney – Allison Janney, who’s known for lending her voice to multiple family-friendly films and shows plays right alongside Michael Keaton in The Minions. As a matter of fact, she plays his equally well-intentioned wife and mother to the family of bank robbers. As many movies as Allison Janney has been in, her name remains fairly uncommon, sharing it with only 9 in the US. Her Minions character on the other hand, Madge Nelson, shares hers with 20.

Minion – As defined by Merriam-Webster, minion means, “someone who is not powerful or important and who obeys the orders of a powerful leader or boss.” As always, in The Minions, the title characters seek the most villainous of villains to follow. If you’ve ever wondered how many people have the last name of “Minion,” you just might be surprised. 689 people in the US have the last name of “Minion.” The real question is, how many people named their children “Minion?” 40 to be exact.



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