Most Popular Birthstone Names


Welcome to September! The month of Fall, Emergency Preparedness, Ovarian Cancer Awareness, the new school year and the prized sapphire gem. This year, the sapphire has received far more than its fair share of recognition due to the royal wedding. In fact, on this fine September 1st day, the sapphire is all we can really think about. More specifically, what a beautiful name ‘Sapphire’ would be. Of course, being WhitePages, we got curious and tapped into to determine just how popular the name is compared to other birthstone names. Here’s what we came up with –

Sadly for the stone aquamarine, no one wants to name their child ‘Aquamarine’. Understandable. But only 176 people are named ‘Sapphire’? Surely that number should be much higher, so all you folks out there expecting a child in the month of September, why not name them after this gorgeous gem?

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