What Does It Mean to Intern at Whitepages?

Alison Haugh

There was a time that we looked forward to the summer, because we knew that it meant endless hours of running around outside with all the neighborhood kids. But 2016 was different as I found myself looking forward to summer for a much different reason: I had landed myself an internship. After handing out endless resumes, attending career fairs, and few technical interviews, I was about to begin my summer as an intern at Whitepages.

Being an intern at Whitepages does not mean running to get coffee for the whole team every morning and working on meaningless projects with little outcome. It means taking group coffee breaks and interns’ ownership of a project to bring all the way from the whiteboard to production. Over the past couple of months (has it already been that long??), I and the other interns have had the chance to learn the inner workings of a business that earned $70 million in revenue last year, contribute some of our best work to impact the experience of millions of users every day, and become part of a great team. At Whitepages, interns also become part of the whole company. From being included in daily standup meetings to being invited to join the company’s softball and bowling teams, we are given really great ways to get involved.

At the start of our internships, we were each assigned a mentor from our team as well as a “buddy” from a team other than our own. We collaborated with our mentors and the rest of our teams to complete projects throughout the duration of the internship. Our mentors also helped us to outline a set of goals that we wanted to accomplish over the summer. These goals ranged from completing our assigned project to developing professional skills such as networking with people in many different positions within the company. Our “buddies” were there for really anything else we needed and to answer questions about anything.

The projects we were assigned gave us the chance to apply the knowledge that we have been studying in school while also developing many more skills, like how to build a relationship with a team, refine communication skills, how to pay attention to detail, and how to deal with problems/bugs that you create – which are going to happen.

Of course, after all this work, we earned some play. Our amazing university recruiter planned some really great events that have given the interns, mentors, and buddies a chance to hang out and get to know each other outside of the office.  My favorite event this summer was playing Whirlyball, a game that combines basketball and bumper cars. We got some friendly competition going among the teams, and most games ended in a lot of laughter.

All in all, Whitepages is a company where employees get to contribute real work that has a big impact. It’s also a company where you can say “hi” to the CEO daily, intern with other brilliant students from top ten universities, and be inspired by each and every employee’s drive to help the company become the best that it can be.

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This piece was written by our engineering intern, Alison Haugh, who works on the Search Experience team. Alison is currently studying informatics at the University of Washington.

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