Lunch 2.0 with WP, Urbanspoon, Jott, and Arrington

Lunch 2.0 Seattle
Mark your calendars for the Lunch 2.0 event on Aug 1 (@11:30am), when we’ll shine the spotlight on iPhone apps. We’ll have our own learnings to share about developing iPhone apps, and to make this event a little more special for our friends in the local community, I figured that we’d make this into a broader jam session on iPhone. So I’m excited to announce that Urbanspoon and Jott, both of which have enjoyed early success with their iPhone apps, will be joining us for a panel discussion. And for some extra allure, Michael Arrington has promised to moderate the panel and spice it up. It should be lots of fun, and don’t forget to RSVP so we save a seat for you!

by Alex Algard

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