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Valentine’s Day is here, and while you normally may not be at a loss for words, a special occasion like this means that even the smoothest of talkers can experience a few bumps.

Here’s where technology can come to the rescue and un-knot even the most tongue-tied admirer. Check out one of these apps and websites to tell that special someone (or even Mom) how you feel:

Love Letter Generator

From mild to extra-spicy, you can enter a few details and check out your letter (with lots of creative license provided by the generator) and preview it before you decide to send it.

Love Poem Generator

Florid and slightly comical results at the same time. You enter some key details then see what the poetry genie churns out and can decide to email it or not.

Love Letter Designer (Google Play)

Will take images from Facebook and incorporate it into a custom template, and then you can post it to your intended’s Facebook wall.

Tom’s Love Letters (for iOS and Android)

Cute cartoon-ish cards that you can text, email, or post on Facebook and Twitter. You can send with music for a small fee, or without.

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